Privacy Settings War: Google Plus vs Facebook Privacy Settings

Wireless internet is expanding social media accessibility to include anyplace from coffee shops to airports. With the introduction of Google Plus or G+, Facebook finally has a formidable opponent in the social media arena. G+ reached 25 million unique members in less than two months. This is faster than any social networking site that has been introduced. Google Plus success is attributed to its focus on protecting users’ privacy.

Privacy Settings War: Google Plus vs Facebook Privacy Settings

How are Google Plus Privacy Settings Different from Facebook?

The introduction of wireless internet brought a host of privacy concerns. Now, social media has concerns of its own. G+ attempts to keep customer information from leaking to other people by improving their privacy settings. G+ even allows their customers to hide their gender information from other viewers. This allows G+ users to chat anonymously in a neutral tone without revealing their gender. G+ will also gender neutral language when describing you to other users as well.

Google Plus Privacy Settings Different from Facebook?

Users may also hide circles or members on a certain list. Therefore, some lists may be visible to everyone and other lists are only visible to those that are in that particular circle. You may be a part of a circle and disappear from the circle for a period of time and then, reappear at a later date. The affiliation will still remain, but it may not be visible to all users of that person’s profile. This is another privacy measure that will help some high profile members of G+.

Before they release the software to the general public, the Google officials will be working out various bugs to improve the product before it launches. The company is using the feedback from customers and improving the website based upon the users’ opinions. Google wants to offer everything that Facebook is not offering. Filling the privacy void and increasing mobility through wireless internet will expand subscribership.

Facebook requires that you have your Facebook privacy setting set to open, if you want to be found by your friends. However, whatever you say will be visible to all of your friends. Therefore, the privacy factor is diminished if you want to be found by your friends.

Facebook is in the midst of several debates on Capitol Hill regarding privacy and facial recognition software. Since G+ wants to solve all the privacy problems that Facebook had, then they will probably develop a solution to this problem as well.

Privacy Settings War Google Plus vs Facebook

Currently, Google Plus is in an “invitation only” status. As they receive more feedback, they will introduce a revised and optimized version of the website with all of its new privacy solutions in place. In time, either Google Plus or Facebook will emerge as the winner of the privacy war. Currently, it is too soon to determine whether Facebook’s answer to its privacy issues will be enough to maintain its presence in the social media world or take over Facebook.


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