7 Great Resource Sites for Blogging Newbies

You are inspired. You have a dream of starting a blog and making money from home. Well, the good news is that it is possible and many people do succeed at it. However, blogging can be a long trial and error process. If you have the determination to make you blogging dream come true, the following seven seven great resource sites are invaluable resources for speeding up a new blogger’s learning curve.

Resource Sites

Problogger (problogger.net)

Darren Rowse is one of the top bloggers in the world and his website is full of information for bloggers of all levels. Rowse offers tips on everything from killing writer’s blog to pay per click advertising and more. Problogger also chronicles Rowse’s own different ventures in the world of blogging.

Daily Blog Tips (dailyblogtips.com)

Daily Blog Tips is a regularly updated blog that covers all aspects of blogging. The blog covers subjects as simple as earning your first dollar and offers tips and everything from blog design to social media. Daily Blog Tips is a digital library of articles written for bloggers.

Blogtrepreneur (blogtrepreneur.com)

Blogtrepreneur covers the more entrepreneurial aspects of blogging and focuses primarily on monetizing your blog as well as building your blog into a business. However, Blogtrepreneur does over some general blogging advice as well. If you’re serious about making money with your blog, this site is an excellent starting point.

Digital Point Forums (forums.digitalpoint.com)

The forums are the best part of the Digital Point website. New bloggers, and even experienced bloggers, can find answers to almost every imaginable question related to blogging. The forum’s users are often very helpful and often quick to respond. It is worth adding this forum to your Favorites menu for the occasions where you have questions and need fast answers.

Quick Online Tips (quickonlinetips.com)

Quick Online Tips is a great website for learning blog promotion and Internet marketing. If you’re wondering how to promote your blog on Facebook or Twitter, this site is an excellent resource. Quick Online Tips also has a lot of great advice about search engine optimization.

Young Entrepreneur (youngentrepreneur.com)

Young Entrepreneur focuses mainly on the business of blogging like Blogtrepreneur, but it has a great blog and a friendly discussion forum where you can get help. The greatest feature of this website is the “Ask An Expert” form on the main page. You can type in a question, pick the category, enter your contact info and someone from the site will contact you with information.

The Blog Herald (blogherald.com)

This website is like The New York Times for bloggers. The Blog Herald offers reviews, articles, guides and more. You can find just about anything and everything related to blogging on this website. It’s a wise addition to your RSS subscriptions.

Blogging about blogging has become a market in and of itself. If you’re struggling with getting your blog noticed and/or making money from your blog, there are plenty of resources to help you. Don’t waste time struggling with problems, seek help and you will find it.

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