How safe is Your Facebook Profile Photo?

How safe is Your Facebook Profile Photo?

Do you think publishing photos on Facebook under ‘only me’ or ‘only friends’ keeps your personal photos safe from strangers?

If you really think doing this makes your Facebook profile photo safe at Facebook then you are absolutely wrong. Maybe it’s a loophole or maybe Facebook know this, whatever it is, your photos can easily be copied in its original size you uploaded.

Who Can See Your Facebook Profile Photo?

When you upload your photo on Facebook by default it is set as public means anyone having Facebook account can access your photo in its original size. But this is something you don’t want it. Few want their Facebook profile photo to appear only to their friends, few set it for custom list, while others make it public. If you set your profile photos as public then this is something you shouldn’t be worry about but if you want your Facebook profile photo safe then this is something for you.

A random profile

The above screenshot is of a random profile I got while searching out of someone else… However I’m tying this tweak with a public figure so that no one has any personal issues related with their Facebook photos.

How to View anyone’s LOCKED Facebook Profile Photo?

Just need to do some tweak and you can view/download anyone’s Facebook profile photo in its original size it was uploaded.

Just open anyone’s Facebook profile by entering their Facebook username or access through Facebook search. Here I’m using Zareen Khan verified profile.


Once you are on their Facebook profile. Right click on their Facebook profile photo and click as ‘Copy image URL’ as shown in the below screenshot.


Now open a new tab in your browser and paste the link you have copied in the previous step.


Now find this code in the URL and delete it (click the image to see in large size). You will see photo in its original size once you delete the highlighted code as mentioned in the screenshot.


Here is it how it looks once you remove that code from URL.


Conclusion: I don’t want people to use this tweak to download/hack others Facebook profile photo but want Facebook to fix this error so others may not face any such issues in future. People should not afraid posting their photos on Facebook. I have few female friends, they just don’t want to upload their real photos on Facebook as they are afraid, if they upload their photos someone from other side will copy it. I’m sure if they read this, they surely not going to trust Facebook again.

Tips: Till Facebook fix it, you can reduce your profile photo from whatever size it is to 160x160px before you upload so that if someone tweaks it, it doesn’t appear in full size. In fact it will appear in 160x160px which is like security from hackers. Lets see if this seek attention of Mark & keep our Facebook profile photo safe.

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    First of all it was a nice post.All people are now behind social networking sites like facebook and i wonder how the people are utilising the profile pics especially girls.This must be blocked by facebook for protecting privacy.

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