Sent Email To Backup Your Files

Backupelf is a service that allows you to backup files by sending email. We have tried lots of tool to backup our files but this could be the best and easiest way to backup our files. You don’t need to install any software or to register on any website this part makes this web service easy and unique from other backup tools. All you need to do is sent one email and your files will be backup, it stores everything on Amazon S3 servers.

# In 3 Steps You’ll Backup Your Files (Backupelf)
Compose an email – Login to your email service provider and compose an email to
Sent email– Now attach all your files to which you want to create a backup in this email.
You’re done – They will backup everything your email contains including documents, videos, music or any other files.
The best part of this web service is you don’t need to create any account as when you sent email they will automatically create one new separate account and store your files in it. Late, when you need your files you can then login to BackupElf website to find your email backups quickly. They categorize your files so you can find them easily!

What Press Is Saying For backupelf
“ will appeal to users who require an easy, ad-hoc, no-frills back-up solution.”
“ – The Easiest Way To Back Up Data Ever”

Note – It supports 100 MB for free version or you can select paid plans for more space.

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