RealTimeTricks is Now Shifted To WordPress

Shifted To WordPressSo finally the day have arrived, RealTimeTricks is now isn’t it nice? I got my domain.. finally I have my own domain and it has nothing to do with bloggers. Feeling like, achieved biggest biggest goal of my life.

Why I Shifted To WordPress?

Reason is damn simple, wordpress gives you all necessary stuff you required for blogging. Another reason is, when I was blogging in bloggers I got many suggestions, people were asking me why I’m not moving to wordpress and the reason was simple, one needs money to purchase his own hosting account.

How I managed WordPress?

Its not been a month here, I just have moved from bloggers to wordpress still the journey is very long and also there Is lot of competition in my niche so have to work hard. It took thousands of minutes for me to settle my whole blog in wordpress and it was almost impossible for me, if I didn’t have a brother like Salman Siddiqui ( he helped me in my entire process of shifting, importing, managing, etc.

What Next?

Next? I guess I have plenty of work left in this blog, my theme is incomplete, plugins are left to install, feed, and the biggest one is, traffic. I have to work hard to bring traffic to RealTimeTricks. Still the main focus of this blog is to help people from the idea’s, tricks and tips I have to share in my articles.

Also, with the success of Onibalusi Bamidele I too have thought to write guest post on as many blogs (my niche) as I can. In this way I can bring traffic, solid backlinks, exposur e, etc. Ending with, a hope of getting your comments and suggestions so I can think on them and try to improve this blog as per your expectation.

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