Shutting MyBlogLog, Is Yahoo Doing Justice?

Don’t know if, you know or ever took interest towards MyBlogLog but it’s the only community, was built by Bloggers and was on the leading edge of social networks before Yahoo! purchased them. But as Yahoo announced they are going to shut the site down on May 24th this year, shows they failed of what they promised before purchasing MyBlogLog.
Is Yahoo Doing Justice on the effort of bloggers?
Don’t know about others but since the day I started blogging (moviefridays, my first blog) I had no idea about how do I share my posts with people and get their views on it. During those days, I found people sharing posts written by them on communities, social networks, etc to get popularity, so I too had started searching for communities and the first one I found was MyBlogLog.
And, when I found myself more interested in tech then entertainment I swapped my niche and RealTimeTricks was found by me. I never noticed if I’m getting visits from community but I have seen the posts were linked with MyBlogLog of my blog. MyBlogLog was the only community who have shown me the way to interact with other bloggers.
Today, when I received email from BlogCatalog regarding the MyBlogLog’s upcoming closure I got surprized and found a little disappointment that I can’t do anything about it, but when I saw, blogcatalog is giving me a chance to participate in an event organized my them, to let all of us (bloggers) stop Yahoo from shutting down MyBlogLog.

This was the encouraging email i received today, before writing this post. If it’s for the benefits of the blogging community then why not? Let us Stop Yahoo! from Shutting Down MyBlogLog. Drop your views under comment, Is Yahoo Doing Justice?


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