People Will Spend Billions This Valentine [Infographic]

We all know Feb is a month of love but do we know how much we spend on this day, No? I tell you how much of money is going to spend this day, gone are the days when only one rose was enough for a boy to buy and give to a girl. Today people from America are spending Billions on this day (valentine). Here is the Infographicwhich will show you how.

Highlights from the inforgraphic

  1. Maximum number of people says they will not celebrate Valentine’s Day.
  2. Compare to women’s, men’s are going to spend more on this valentine, but in Japan women’s spend more than the men and most of it buy chocolates (want to live in Japan;-) ).
  3. Valentine day shoppers tend to wait to the last minute as 60% sales come on February 12, 13 and 14th.
  4. A bouquet of a dozen roses that sells for $40 any other day of the year can easily cost more than 2X that much on Valentine Day.  Tip – Buy Early! Thanks degreesearch.

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