Steps To Download Music to PS3

Children’s have lots of questions in their mind to ask and the best platform Yahoo Answer is providing them, lately while I was surfing around I saw few of them questioning on yahoo answer, how to, download music to ps3 and unfortunately none were answering the right way.

Here is my post on ps3 music, to make it simple and easy you need to follow few simple steps. Like all other device, transferring music from hard disk to ps3 is also simple.

Download Music to PS3

Steps To Download Music to PS3

  • First collect all your favorite songs you want them in your ps3 in one place.
  • Now connect your flash drive with the desired music to the USB port on your PS3.
  • Then on your PS3 XrossMediaBar select “music” tab highlight the USB device and hit “X.”
  • One screen will appear it will show you all the music you copied earlier to your flash drive. Highlight all the files you wish to copy over to your PS3 and then hit the “triangle” button to open up the next menu.
  • Pressing “copy” can transfer all the files you selected to your PS3.

Hope this article help those people who are asking on yahoo answer about the most easy steps to download. Let me know in comment how this tip help you in downloading music to PS3.

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  1. This seems to be like a tutorial, I love your short article tips. Thanks for sharing Dude 🙂

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