10 Tips For Your Google+ Account

Google has finally found a way out to develop a niche for them in the social networking arena, which is their new child Google+. This is being spoken of much as the most potent competitor for some of the current leading social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Discussed here are some of the best ten tips for
enhancing your Google Plus experience.

10 Tips For Your Google+ Account

1. Circles:

Share your posts to everyone publicly or only to a group of people using circle or circles of people. This is also possible to share with particular individuals by typing their name or email address, which makes this much more attractive. This is a very useful social networking tool making it fully under your control and is highly user friendly!

2. Rename albums in Google +:

This is one of the recently added functionality and you can rename photo albums in Google +, by following these simple steps: Photos à albums à click on the album title and rename it. This is also possible to share the albums from your Picasa folders easily as this is from Google too!

3. Alternate links:

There are a number of alternate links available to access Google+, which permits you to choose the one that works over https for secured connection. Some of the alternate links of Google plus are http://plus.google.com/, http://google.com/+, http://google.com/plus and if you are accessing from mobile phone then the link address is http://m.google.com/plus.

4. Make +1 Tab Public:

By default, the +1 tab is disabled so that only you can view it, but this is possible to make it public by visiting your profile and editing your profile. Click on the +1’s tab and tick mark the option, ‘show this tab on my profile’, following which everyone will be able to see the +1s by you.

5. Drag and drop photos and videos:

This is one of the interesting options that you can drag and drop videos and photos in contrast to the tedious uploading method on Facebook and Twitter, which is going to make this stand out as one of the best means of photo sharing website.

6. Manage:

This option is going to let you know how the Circles are going to appear to everyone on your profile. What you need to do this for this is to open Google+ from your profile and edit it by clicking the round black-grey icon and select the desired options, and this is possible to choose to hide the “have you in circles” box.

7. Enable chat for circles:

This is going to be the only one social networking site that is going to let you enable chat within a group of people, by enabling chat within the circles, that you need not post comments, in which people whom you don’t want to participate will do so. All you need to do is to enable chat for circles.

8. Trick to invite anyone to Google+:

Since Google+ is in its initial phase, Google has restricted the number of people whom you can invite to be your friends, which is a black mark for Google though, in comparison to other social networking sites. However, a small trick to overcome this hurdle is to make a post and share it with particular people who do not have a Google+ account, that they will find themselves being automatically being directed for procuring a
new Google+ account.

9. Use your Gmail account to access Google+:

This is possible to share comments and check notifications in Google+ using your Gmail account directly, with no need of opening a separate page. This is what is called seamless integration of both the accounts into one.

10. Q Key trick:

While you are on the Home tab of Google+, press the q key twice on the keyboard to search and add people to your chat list, with only a second gap for the next press.

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10 Tips for Printing Web Pages

Printing web pages can be a bit troublesome especially for pages with unusual layouts. You may end up with strange arrangements of the page elements, poor image quality or with some information missing entirely. Here are some tips that can help you successfully print web pages:

10 Tips for Printing Web Pages

1. Select The Print Version

Many pages have icons or links that take you to a printer-friendly version of the same web page. Generally this is the easiest way to ensure that you get all the vital information contained in the web page. The print version also will generally remove ads, menus and unnecessary graphics from the web page.

2. Preview The Web Page

Select Print Preview from your web browser to see how the page will print out on your printer. From the Print Preview interface, you can see how much paper will be required to print the entire web page. You can select whether you want to print all of the web page or just a part. You can also choose to resize the page image so that everything fits on to the printed page.

3. Try Copy And Paste

Copy and paste into another editing program before printing. If the web page does not have a printer-friendly version, you can copy the parts you want and paste them into editing applications like Microsoft Word. Copying web pages can be a bit tricky and you may end up with some stuff that you don’t want. However, it is easy to delete these items from your editing application.

4. Edit Or Remove Headers And Footers

Browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox allow you to edit headers and footers from the “Page Setup” option. You may wish to remove the headers and footers entirely or to edit them so that you retain just what you need.

5. Try Landscape

Change page orientation to Landscape for wide web pages. If the content on the web page is too wide to print within your paper’s margins, you can choose to print in Landscape orientation instead. In most cases, you will be able to choose this option from your browser’s Page Setup. Alternatively, you can choose the orientation from your printer’s options.

6. Keep It Monochromatic

Save color ink by printing in grayscale or black and white. Web pages are often very colorful with abundant graphics and printing them in color can expend a lot of expensive toner. Usually a printer-friendly version of a page will remove the excess color, but these are not always available. To save toner, choose to print in grayscale or black and white from your browser or printer options.

7. Print At Lower Resolution

Another way to save toner is select the quality of printing for the web page. If you do not need to preserve photo or other graphic image quality, you can select a lower printing quality. Not only does the lower quality printing save toner, but it also speeds up the printing job. Some printers have special speed printing options that print at just acceptable reading quality in order to maximize printing speed.

8. Printing With Frames

Many pages come with multiple frames and you may want to print the page as it appears or to select only certain frames for printing. Internet Explorer allows you to choose to print out the page as it is laid out or to select specific frames for printing. Firefox and Safari allow you to right click on a frame and choose to print just that frame from the page.

9. Print Selected Content From A Web Page

Internet Explorer allows you to select specific text and graphics for printing from a web page. Just hold down the left mouse button while dragging the cursor over the desired text and graphics. With the items highlighted, select File and Print. From the print interface, choose “Selection under the Print Range.”

10. Use Photo Quality Paper

If you want to preserve the quality of a high resolution photo from a web page, you should use photo quality printing paper. In many cases, you will have to select “Shrink to Fit” in order to print the entire high resolution photo within the margins of your paper.


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