Add Watermark on YouTube Videos That Are Already LIVE

Ever wanted to add watermark on YouTube videos? You might have seen when news channel shows any breaking news video on television they put a watermark on their video before telecasting it live this helps them in branding their videos. Similarly YouTube users brand their custom videos by adding their company trademark or logo as a watermark over it.

Adding watermark to new videos can also be done by the help of video editing software but what if when you already have videos live with hundred thousands of view listed on your YouTube channel?

Those who were worrying for already published videos can now take relief as YouTube has launched a new feature that can help you add watermark or a LOGO on new as well as old YouTube videos.

watermark on youtube videos

All you have to do is just take your company logo or any custom image/text – make sure they are transparent (you can get transparent file of the logo from your Graphic Designer). Once you have this, just few further clicks and you are done.

Watermark on YouTube Videos at Specify Corner

One nicer thing about this feature is, you get a choice of adding watermark on to the corner of the video with adding watermark at the start of the video, or in the middle or you can continue it throughout the entire duration of the video.

watermark on youtube videos

As shown in the previous screenshot there are two options in this feature. If you select “feature your channel” it will help you add watermark across all of your videos. And by selecting “feature a video” you can add watermark on selected videos.

This would now help everyone brand their videos. Stealing someone else work will now get stopped. Also, with this feature coming into existence people will get FREE promotions, as when, the videos gets download people would know from where they have downloaded it. Hence, your YouTube Channel get free promotion lifetime!

Every Good Thing Comes With Some Defect!

There is one defect I must say in this feature, with the turn off of annotations your watermark won’t be visible as YouTube uses annotations to displays watermark over the video. This is something they must work on it.

Thank you Amit for the tip!