How to Choose the Best Android Phone Gaming

The Android phone is now being used for different things – Gaming. No longer is it just being used for phone calls, data calls, etc. Now, the Android phone has become a complete entertainment device, and is used not just to watch movies and listen to music, but is also used to play games. However, one should take some aspects into consideration before they buy an Android phone for gaming purposes. Here are some of the tips that you should keep in mind while buying Best Android phone gaming.

best android phone for gaming

Size Does Matter to Choose Best Android Phone Gaming

The size of the screen will be the be all and end all reasons of whether you should buy a particular Android phone for gaming or not. There have been many phones that have tried to earlier tap the mobile gaming market, but they have not been able to do so, because their phones did not have the screen sizes and technology today. With Android phones coming with HD screens, AMOLED screens, Gorilla Glass screens, etc. it becomes evident that we are looking at very vibrant and powerful machines when we go through the choices of Android phones for gaming.

The Juice that Runs the Device

Most high profile Android devices have special GPUs that not just help them play games in a better manner, but they also help them display graphics in a better manner. Once you have played a game on an Android phone that has a dedicated GPU, you will always feel that something is missing when you play on some other device. Therefore, check the GPU, and also check whether it is worth the price that you are playing.

Mobile GPUs are just like desktop GPUs. The price does sometimes decide which GPU is the best, but sometimes you might get a GPU that might be really good, but is low priced and not popular because of bad or no PR. A simple Google Search should tell you what kind of devices have what kind of GPUs, and you should be able to make good decisions about which mobile phone to buy, especially when it comes to Android phones for gaming.

The added software that might be required to play some of your favorite games

Even the most expensive Android phones did not have Flash support for a while, but all that seems to be solved now. However, there are chances that if you are buying an older phone, you might be buying a phone that does not support Flash etc., which will seriously hamper your gaming experience. Therefore, you should research the device and check out which software it supports and which it does not, so that you can make a better decision about buying an Android phone.

The OS that the device runs

The newer Android phones will ship with the latest version of the operating system, but the older ones, however expensive, will not have an OTT update. You would need to go to the certified after sales service place to have your Android phone upgraded. This might be a hassle, and you might try to do the update yourself, which might end up bricking your cell phone. Therefore, try to get an Android phone that runs the latest operating system from the outset, so that you do not need to go for an upgrade – at least for the time being.

These are the important tips that you should remember before you buy an Android phone for games. There are several, new and good games that are available for the Android operating system today, and some are free too.

This article is written by: Roy is editor at AndroidMag. Know more on movie based android games at his blog.