Play Anna Hajare Game: Angry Anna Online

We (indians) all knows, how anna hajare is fighting against cooruption in india today. Almost ten days are over and anna hajare is continue with his anshan against cooruption. Well, taking all this aside Geek Mentors Studios have developed a game called “Angry Anna”.

You can now play Angry Anna Game online, it is almost similar to the world famous game Angry Birds. Angry Anna Game is based on the fighting against corruption in indian system.

Angry Anna Game Online

Play Angry Anna Game Online

Angry Anna Game is totally free, you will not be charged a penny for it. Geek Mentors Studios have given a big support in anna’s anshan movement by developing this game. Below you will find few screenshot and also a video of me playing Angry Anna Game.

Play Angry Anna Game Online, Directly From Here ⇩


Watch Me Playing Angry Anna Game

Hope you have enjoyed the game? Please let us know your thoughts in comment.

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