The Best Entertainment Apps for iPad 3

Confused on what apps to choose for your iPad? Well, that’s no strange thing. With loads of apps in the iOS store, it is definitely a tough job. Here are some cool and best entertainment apps for ipad.


Zeebox is best suited for people who like to loll around all day long on their favorite couches. All you need to do is to sign in and enter the name of your satellite or cable provider, and view all the programs on your iPad screen itself. You get a complete TV guide along with tit bits on actors and information about new shows.


Walking Dead: The Game

This is a Game of the Year that has been launched on iPad available along with the PC versions. Telltale Games have put in a lot of research to improve its adventure games genre and has come out with an all time hit with Walking Dead: The Game. Strangely, the storyline focuses on morality and being humane, rather than the mundane guns and killing formula. All five episodes are available on payment of $4.99 as in-app purchases.


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Rockstar is in its tenth year of existence, and to celebrate the event they have ported the classic console Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. You get transported back to the 80’s and the fun-filled South Beach. What’s more, the enhanced High Definition graphics with virtual controls make the game all the more dangerous and exciting.


Max Payne Mobile

It is time now for you to enjoy Bullet Time on your iPad. This presentation from Rockstar’s Port from the original Max Payne is a game that is more than 10 years old, though not stale. The story and gameplay are still enchanting and good enough to grab and hold your attention. It costs just $2.99 to download.


Chaos Rings II

This is another expensive game that may be appreciated by people who do not mind spending a lot of money on a game. This one too is from Square Enix RPG and has an elaborate gameplay and a storyline that is unique, maybe worth the hefty price one needs to pay. It is available on payment of $19.99.



Storm the Bastion and play this special game that has some splendid hand drawn stuff that are a treat to the eye. The narrator gives a fluid rundown that is catchy and attention gaining. This game needs to be appreciated by the player in order to be enjoyed. It is available for download for $4.99


The World Ends with You: Solo Remix

Get propelled far into the future with Square Enix’s port that makes you go nostalgic with this classic. It is far advanced when compared to other iPad games that pale into mediocrity.  The crisp graphics and unique style seem to justify the high price. It is available for those willing to shell out $19.99.

Rayman Jungle Run

Close on the heels of Rayman: Origins that had all go gaga, you now have Rayman Jungle Run from Unisoft that is the next most popular game. The company has made its first app for iOS and seems to have succeeded rather well. It is a great running game with easy to use controls, with some splendid cartoons and matching sound effects.  It is available for download on payment of $2.99.


Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, N.O.V.A. 3

Get into your battle fatigues and be prepared to shoot it out with two of this action packed titles from Gameloft. The superior gameplay is sure to impress you, though the dialogues are a bit monotonous and boring to bear with. Try it if you please by paying $6.99.


This Guest Post is written by: Kathryn Smith is a tech and entertainment blogger. She also identifies various Internet utility sites and shares them with fellow people. Off late, she takes special interest in studying anti-scam-phone-aggregator websites like the reverse call lookup.