How ‘Lists’ Feature Help You Get Every Update in Facebook

With tons of active user’s login/surfing daily makes facebook the most popular social networking website today! People having hundreds of friend’s, thousands of pages & groups following, and lot’s of subscription in their facebook account creates mess in getting essential updates required. Looking to the situation facebook have developed a ‘Lists’ feature (present on the left side of the facebook) to which you all are aware for sure but do you know by using ‘Lists Feature’ you actually can get every update in facebook by just pressing a single button? Just the thing is you need to manage the ‘lists feature’ I’ll tell you how.

By default facebook creates few suitable lists in your facebook account to make the concept clear in your mind, you can create your own lists or if suitable you can continue with given facebook default lists.

As I already said people having hundreds of friend, pages, groups and subscription in their facebook profile but to get every update from those elements in one go is difficult as you won’t like to scroll down home page for 10s of time. To make it easy create lists for example ‘Blogging Friends’ – to put all blogging friend’s in that list so that when you click on the list named – ‘Blogging Friends’ all their updates (person you’ve added in that list) comes in one go and you won’t miss any essential elements.

How to create lists in facebook:

Find ‘Lists’ written on the left of your facebook account on mouse over effect you will find ‘More’ button. Press that button you will find a new page having ‘Create a list’ button, hit it.

create lists in facebook

Now one dialog box will pop-up on your screen there you have to name the list, for instance write ‘Subscription’ (you can put all your subscription in that list to get updates from the people you are subscribed to) and press ‘Create List’ button to create.

create lists in facebook

As the list you have asked for is been created, simply click on ‘Add Friends’ link. One more dialog box will’s pop-up in your screen to select people to put in that list.

create lists in facebook

Click on the drop-down button present on the left top corner of the dialog box and select ‘Subscription’ to find people you are subscribe to, select all or to whom you want to get their updates.

create lists in facebook

Done! You list & managing that list is been done. Later if you required you can manage list by clicking on the drop-down button present right top corner of the list window you are in.

create lists in facebook

In this way you can create a list to you feel suitable for your purpose. I have created these lists – Family, Blogger, Blogging pages, Foreigner friends, Collage/School friends, Fun pages, and of course Subscription. You can imagine why I made these list I didn’t need to tell the reason I suppose. The main reason behind managing facebook lists feature is to get every update directly by hitting a single button under lists.

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