How To: Find Out When Friends Unfriend You on Facebook

Facebook do notify you when someone accept your friend request and get added in your friend list through notification but they never send notification when friends unfriend you on Facebook. This happens because of the two reasons either the person has deleted their Facebook account (Deleting facebook account cause facebook automatically unfriend that person from the list) or the person has unfriend you purposely/mistakenly.

There are many apps available on web to check, like or but I’ll talk about a simple script that works with every browser, like Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer. Using this script you can keep track of when friends unfriend you on facebook as well as your friend requests.

Unfriend Finder for Facebook

Without being worried you can install this script on your browser. I have tested it on mine and it works perfectly. Here I tell you how it works.

Step 1) Go to the Unfriend Finder and install the script for your browser. It will automatically get install if you are on Chrome but if you are using Firefox, you will have to install Greasemonkey add-on first.

Step 2) Now when it is added on your browser it will add two new features – “Unfriend” inside your facebook account, one at the top right corner of facebook and one on left side under favorites list.

Step 3) Now when someone unfriend you, you will get notify through notification also Unfriend Feature will blink exactly like notification.

Step 5) When you click on Unfriend Feature comes under favorites left side it will come up with 3 options “Pending Requests”, “Settings”, and “Messages”.

Step 6) Clicking on unfriend shows you the list of people – who have deactivated their profile, who have unfriend you, and you’re pending requests.

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How To: Send Email from Facebook?

I have been using Facebook Messages to send email to few of my Facebook addict friends though they check their email accounts regularly but I know I’ll be getting my email reply soon when I send email from Facebook to directly into their Facebook Messaging inbox.

Send Email from Facebook
The New Messages: Send Email

What is Facebook Massages?

I don’t think I need to describe as we all use Facebook Messages to check – who have had messages us, each friend’s chats and text as well. Everything stores in Facebook Messages. You can check full conversation history including everything you’ve ever discussed with each friend as a single conversation. And to improve this, Facebook have added Email – Read, Write & Send Email. There’s no need to switch between Facebook and email accounts for your daily communication needs.

Send Email From Facebook Using Facebook Messages

To make it happen you need to get Facebook email address first, like – If you still have not got, get it here.

Step 1) Once you get the Facebook email address, click on “Messages” which is next to Facebook logo and click on “Send a New Message”.

send email from Facebook

Step 2) One “New Message” window will pop-up on your screen right after you click on send a new message. Type email address into the To: box and content in Message: box.

send email from Facebook

Step 3) On clicking “Send” button Facebook will email your message to the respective email address. And like other email accounts you can attach files using “Attach a File” button.

send email from Facebook

Personal Review: I know many of you are using it, I too use it often.

Gmail, Yahoo mail, & Hotmail including several other email service provider use address book to store email address of already send email IDs, likewise Facebook adds any email addresses that you have message to any email ID, so you don’t have to remember everyone’s email address all the time. Also, if you message someone who is on Facebook but you use their email instead of their name, Facebook will automatically forward the message to their Facebook Inbox.

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How To: Activate Facebook Timeline – Facebook Timeline Release

You no longer need to wait for facebook timeline now it is available to activate for your facebook profile. Timeline is an amazing feature released by facebook to give it’s user an easy way to rediscover the things they shared previously to enjoy and to relive their life. And of course you can also share new experiences too!

facebook timeline

How to Activate Facebook Timeline:

Though facebook timeline is now available worldwide, you need to follow these steps to activate it right now.

To activate facebook timeline you need to visit this page Introducing Timeline and click on “Get Timeline“which you will find under video at right on bottom.

get timeline

You are just one step away before publishing your new profile. Now you will find instruction written just above your preview profile.

facebook timeline

Now you find two buttons appearing at the top right to take tour or you can publish your timeline.

facebook timeline

If you choose publish now your profile will get timeline for 7-days review period and if you select take tour you will find this:

tour timeline

Facebook Timeline Tips and Tricks:

  • On the right side you will find Archive of all the activities you did that year. Click on any year to view your activities:
  • For privacy concern they have included in timeline for users to which post they want to show in timeline. For instance, click on pencil icon at the top of any post and select “Hide from timeline” this would not delete that post from your account but it will hide it in timeline.
  • You can get rid of annoying advert by clicking on “X” button appearing next to that advert. Facebook will then ask you what kind of advert you like to appear on account.
  • You can now change which photo should be on the large size as a primary image (featured) to be shown on your new album. By clicking on the pencil button you can adjust.
  • As I have discussed previously the way you can check how your facebook profile will appear to others. Click the cog icon under your cover photo; then select “View as”.

Activity Log – To See Your Activities:

  • Activity log will make it easy for you to get all your updates from today back to when you first started using Facebook (remember only you can check your activity log).
  • You will find 2 dropdown buttons next to each story in activity log. First will help you adjust the privacy of your post and second will help you make your post appear on timeline.
  • By clicking on “All” you can find certain type of story. For example you can view only photos or only posts to appear.

facebook timeline

7-Day Review Timeline:

You should know this before you activate your facebook timeline.

  • When you upgrade to facebook timeline you will get 7-days to review everything that appears on your timeline before anyone else can see.
  • You are also allowed to publish timeline at anytime during the review period.
  • If you will not your timeline will goes live automatically after seven days.
  • New timeline will only replace your profile with new, but all your stories and photos will still remain.
  • You can still view how your new profile (timeline) will appear to other people.

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How ‘Lists’ Feature Help You Get Every Update in Facebook

With tons of active user’s login/surfing daily makes facebook the most popular social networking website today! People having hundreds of friend’s, thousands of pages & groups following, and lot’s of subscription in their facebook account creates mess in getting essential updates required. Looking to the situation facebook have developed a ‘Lists’ feature (present on the left side of the facebook) to which you all are aware for sure but do you know by using ‘Lists Feature’ you actually can get every update in facebook by just pressing a single button? Just the thing is you need to manage the ‘lists feature’ I’ll tell you how.

By default facebook creates few suitable lists in your facebook account to make the concept clear in your mind, you can create your own lists or if suitable you can continue with given facebook default lists.

As I already said people having hundreds of friend, pages, groups and subscription in their facebook profile but to get every update from those elements in one go is difficult as you won’t like to scroll down home page for 10s of time. To make it easy create lists for example ‘Blogging Friends’ – to put all blogging friend’s in that list so that when you click on the list named – ‘Blogging Friends’ all their updates (person you’ve added in that list) comes in one go and you won’t miss any essential elements.

How to create lists in facebook:

Find ‘Lists’ written on the left of your facebook account on mouse over effect you will find ‘More’ button. Press that button you will find a new page having ‘Create a list’ button, hit it.

create lists in facebook

Now one dialog box will pop-up on your screen there you have to name the list, for instance write ‘Subscription’ (you can put all your subscription in that list to get updates from the people you are subscribed to) and press ‘Create List’ button to create.

create lists in facebook

As the list you have asked for is been created, simply click on ‘Add Friends’ link. One more dialog box will’s pop-up in your screen to select people to put in that list.

create lists in facebook

Click on the drop-down button present on the left top corner of the dialog box and select ‘Subscription’ to find people you are subscribe to, select all or to whom you want to get their updates.

create lists in facebook

Done! You list & managing that list is been done. Later if you required you can manage list by clicking on the drop-down button present right top corner of the list window you are in.

create lists in facebook

In this way you can create a list to you feel suitable for your purpose. I have created these lists – Family, Blogger, Blogging pages, Foreigner friends, Collage/School friends, Fun pages, and of course Subscription. You can imagine why I made these list I didn’t need to tell the reason I suppose. The main reason behind managing facebook lists feature is to get every update directly by hitting a single button under lists.

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Facebook Teaches – 70+ things Boys Should Know about Her Partner

Today while I was searing around Google I accidently met one FB page which teaches boys about girls. If you feel you aren’t hearing her, go for it and read all the 70 points. You will definitely get to know the things she always wanted from you.

Facebook Teaches – 70+ things Boys Should Know about Her Partner

70+ Things Boys Should Know About Her Partner

  • We love guys who can play the guitar
  • If you serenade us you’ll instantly grab our hearts (even if you’re not good).
  • We love guys who smell good.
  • No players!
  • Don’t lead us on, it hurts a lot more than you think it does.
  • Cuddling is good, don’t be afraid to just hold us.
  • If we tell you a guy is harassing us, which mean we want you to defend us. We’re not trying to make you jealous.
  • DON’T talk about other girls with us. Whether it be past or present. Girls we know are just your friends are okay, but if you talk about a girl you like, once liked or ex, it makes us feel like we don’t matter because you’re hung up on another girl
  • Sometimes, the simpler the better.
  • MAJOR bonus points if you kiss us or something of that sort around your friends. We love knowing that you’re not afraid to be with us.
  • If you make us laugh, that’s always a good sign.
  • DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT break a promise or your word. It hurts a whole hell of a lot more than you think it does.
  • We would rather be called, Beautiful than hot. And in my experience, if you just call us cute all the time, it makes us feel childish
  • If we say we’re cold, that means either hold us, or give us your jacket. Every girl wants to wear the guy she likes’ jacket
  • If you wait for the perfect moment, the perfect moment will pass you by. No girl will wait forever.
  • Forget our birthdays and you’re screwed.
  • Girls are VERY easily jealous
  • Girls talk. A lot. So don’t expect us to not find something out.
  • Make eye contact. We love to be looked in the eye.
  • Its cheating if you’re doing something with another girl (that we know isn’t just a friend) and you try and keep it a secret. Except when it has something to do with surprising us.
  • When you remember something that we’ve told you from a while back, it floors us. We love a guy who listens to us.
  • ALWAYS introduce your girlfriend AS your girlfriend.
  • If we catch you staring, don’t look away, we love it when we maintain eye contact from across the room it shows you’re thinking of us.
  • Random texts like “Thinking of you” and “I miss you” will always make our day. It shows you’re thinking about us, even when we’re not there.
  • Always remember, that every girl has a circle of protection. Meaning a group of guys (and maybe even girls) who will gladly and happily beat the sh*t out of you if you hurt us.
  • Just because we weren’t told directly, doesn’t mean we don’t know. Like I said before, girls talk.
  • If you talk to our friends, your whole conversation will be relayed to us. In detail.
  • Unless we swear not to tell someone, or it’s something no one needs to know, we will tell our best friend. But only her Guaranteed.
  • If we seem upset, hold us and ask what wrong.
  • Sometimes, we like it when you’re jealous because it shows how much you really like us
  • We don’t really care what our friends think of you, but we care what your friends think of us.
  • If we see that your friends, who we’ve never spoken to before, knows us by name, it shows that you talk about us to them. Which we love to find out.
  • As long as we get to talk to you, we’re happy.
  • All girls say we’re “fine” when we’re not. If we say it, we don’t usually mean it.
  • If we pull away, pull us back unless you can tell something in generally wrong and you need to talk.
  • If we’re crying, just hold us and let us cry, wait till we’re somewhat calm to ask what’s wrong.
  • When she’s at her lowest, tell her she’s never looked more beautiful.
  • If she lays her head on your shoulder, tilt her head up and kiss her.
  • When we’re with our friends, walk up and just kiss us. It makes us feel great.
  • Short answers, no eye contact, smiling or laughing means you did something wrong.
  • If something is obviously wrong with us, ask us what’s wrong. It means allot when you show you care.
  • We over analyze everything. Nothing goes unseen.
  • When you’re protective of us, we like it. But not too much because then we see it as possessive.
  • We love it when you play with our hair, or give us a small touch in a non sexual way.
  • Don’t act like we don’t exist when we’re around your friends. It makes us think that we’re not important.
  • No matter where we are or what we’re doing, we always, always, always want to hold your hand. We love the little things.
  • When we walk away from you, mad or upset, we want you to follow us.
  • We want you to fight for us. Period.
  • When her eyes drop from your eyes to your lips, she wants you to kiss her.
  • If she’s rambling, kiss her to make her shut up. We love that. Seriously.
  • If you’re tickling us and we grab your hand trying to make you stop (in a good way) don’t let it go. We grabbed your hand for a reason.
  • It may be cheesy, but we love it when we “argue” about who loves who more or who misses who more.
  • Even though they may be HUGE on us, let us wear your shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, sweatpants and sometimes basketball shorts, it makes us feel close to you when we’re apart.
  • Show off a little. We like it. And if you make you mess up while trying to show off (like falling or tripping) it makes it tons better because we laugh.
  • Hug us from behind and whisper in our ear. It doesn’t matter what you say but we’ll think it’s cute.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask us out to our face. Especially if you know we like you. Some girls hate guys not being man enough to ask us out face to face.
  • Always tell us the truth. Even if you think it’ll hurt us.
  • When you hurt, we hurt because we care.
  • Every girl has a certain song for every guy. Sometimes it’s more than one. (More)
  • KISS US IN THE RAIN.Facebook Teaches – 70+ things Boys Should Know about Her Partner..
  • Don’t be afraid to spend time with us and our family. Our families mean a lot to us and the closer you are to our family, the more it means to us.
  • Don’t think that dates have to require an expensive restaurant. Taking us to somewhere cheap will satisfy us, just as long as we get quality time with you. Once again the simpler the better.
  • We love to get involved with some of the things you do. Teach us COD, introduce us to new stuff. We feel closer to you. (a little tip: if you take us mini golfing and we’re “bad” that means we want you to come up behind us and help us by wrapping your arms around us to grab the club. We love that.)
  • Don’t say the “L” word unless you mean it.
  • Don’t lie to us. We will find out eventually. Either from something you do that contradicts it or from our friends. GIRLS TALK.
  • When you break up with us, tell us the real reason. And do it to our face unless there’s extenuating circumstances.
  • If you break up with us, don’t ignore us if it was on good terms. Sometimes we like keeping you as friends it hurts to lose someone in our life. But if it was on bad terms we usually don’t want to keep you in our life. At least not right away.
  • Girls love to be complimented but don’t go overboard with it. Telling her she’s pretty and beautiful and sorts is annoying after a while. Don’t overdo it.
  • Don’t whine all the time to us. If you complain more than we do, then you’re too high malignancy. We’ll help you with your problems but there’s a line you don’t cross.
  • If you’re going to break up with us, at least have the decency to do it yourself. Don’t make your best friend do it.
  • Girls can be very self conscious, and so even if your girlfriend doesn’t say that she looks horrible, she may feel it. Compliment her. Especially when you see that she tried hard to look good.
  • When you tell a girl you’re going to ask her out, don’t get upset when she gets tired of waiting on you.

Via facebook page. and thanks to manan0410 for picture.

Google+ Vs. Facebook [Infographic]

Google+ took mere 16 days to reach 10 million users, whereas Facebook and Twitter took almost 2 years. This can prove the power of Google is having. 🙂

Although facebook still holds the lead in toal users, Google+ is certainly catching up. Having recently removed the “invite only” status from their site, and as I said above they now have more than 10 million users, predicted 20 million users by the end of the weekend.

The privacy controls and simple sharing tools could give Google+ an edge to draw in even more users if they can expand outside their current demographic. Anyways have a look on the below infograph were SingleGrain have nicly draw a fight between Google+ and Facebook.

Facebook VS. Google Plus

I know usually regular readers get bore of reading articles on articles on the same niche so RealTimeTricks brings a cool new infograph for our readers to enjoy! Be sure you write something on comment to gain free backlinks using commentluv.

Check How Your Facebook Profile Appear To Others

Do you really care about your privacy on facebook?

You made every setting enable to keep you secure on social networking site but have you checked each and every person’s view?

People keep on adding friends on facebook including, friends they know, friends they don’t know, etc. But when they heard about others who have faced being scam on facebook. They started searching for settings available on facebook to secure their content from others including, wall posts, photos, links, videos, information, etc.

Check Who Can View Your facebook Profile

But sometimes situation occurs when people don’t want to disable every friend’s views on their profile but to disable few friends they have on their facebook profile cause confusion regarding who can view how much part of your profile for instance you hide your pictures and wall posts from ‘A’ and only wall posts from ‘B’ but you are not sure about the settings and wanted to see yourself the views ‘A’ and ‘B’ are having on your profile, this tips will help you work.

Preview how your profile appears to a specific person

If you are done with all your privacy settings (I don’t go deep telling how to disable few friends from viewing your pictures, wall posts, videos, etc as you know well how to do it) and wanted to preview how your profile appears to a specific person. Go to your ‘Account’ then ‘Privacy Settings’.

Check Who Can View Your facebook Profile

Then click – ‘View Settings

Check Who Can View Your facebook Profile

It will take you to the page where you can set your name, profile picture, gender and networks to be are visible to everyone (your choice). Here click on ‘Preview My Profile’ button.

Check Who Can View Your facebook Profile

This step will take you to your profile page where you can see your profile from none friend eyes. Here on the top you will find a box – go on writing the name of friends whom you have made disable to view your content (wall posts, photos, information, etc).

Check Who Can View Your facebook Profile

Its like seeing from others eyes, isn’t? Let me know if you find this helpful.