Make Computer Run Faster with These Easy Tips

A slow computer can be both frustrating and time-consuming. There are ways to speed up your computer and have it running smoothly. Use the provided suggestions to easily enhance your computer speed.

Make your Computer Run Faster with These Easy Tips

Free up Disk Space

Each computer comes with a tool called disk cleanup. This tool is used to free up space on your computer and to enhance the computers performance. When you perform a disk cleanup, the tool recognizes unneeded files on the PC, such as programs that you no longer use. You have the option of deleting only selected files or all identified unnecessary files. It then works to safely remove the unneeded files, freeing up computer space.

Speed up Date Access

Files that are fragmented on the computer slow down the computers speed. Each time you open a file the computer must search the hard drive of the PC in order to piece that file together. The process of opening the file is slowed down when it is fragmented and it can be hard to work with other programs during the time lapse.

A disk defragmenter is a tool provided on the computer. The tool works to defragment files and store them neatly in an organized space. When the files are stored on a single disk space, reading and writing to the disk is much quicker. You should use the defragmenter at least once each week or after adding a large amount of files to the computer.

Repair Disk Errors

After using the hard drive of your computer for a while, it can develop bad sectors. A bad sector will make file saving difficult and slow down computer performance. The computer comes with an error checking utility that checks your computer for the bad sectors. Once the utility finds the sectors, such as misplaced files, it places them in the correct place. Using the error checking utility once a week will enhance your computer speed.

Add External Memory

When the computer is packed with a large amount of information the overall running process can be slowed down. You can purchase different types of external memory devices to hold files, folders or programs from your PC. External memory devices allow you to free up space on the computer’s hard drive by placing selected files onto the device. The files are still readily accessible, but will not sacrifice your computer speed.

External memory can be a USB device or an external memory card. The devices can fit up to 64GB of extra memory, allowing large amounts of programs and files to be stored on them.

Remove Computer Spyware

A computer that does not have a virus protector will typically have spyware. Spyware enters the computer while you are using an internet browser. It tracks the activity on your computer and can access your personal information. Make your Computer Run Faster with These Easy Tips Spyware can access your user-names, passwords, bank, credit card and other personal information. Not only does it violate your privacy, the spyware slows your computer down drastically.

You can easily prevent spyware from accessing your computer by downloading a virus protector. You’re typically unaware that the spyware has even accessed your computer without running a virus protector program.

The virus protector will recognize the spyware and prevent it from entering your computer or remove it should it already be present on the PC. You can purchase a virus protector or find a program for free online. Many companies selling the virus protectors allow you to download a trial of the program and try it out before deciding to make a final purchase.


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