10 Tips For Your Google+ Account

Google has finally found a way out to develop a niche for them in the social networking arena, which is their new child Google+. This is being spoken of much as the most potent competitor for some of the current leading social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Discussed here are some of the best ten tips for
enhancing your Google Plus experience.

10 Tips For Your Google+ Account

1. Circles:

Share your posts to everyone publicly or only to a group of people using circle or circles of people. This is also possible to share with particular individuals by typing their name or email address, which makes this much more attractive. This is a very useful social networking tool making it fully under your control and is highly user friendly!

2. Rename albums in Google +:

This is one of the recently added functionality and you can rename photo albums in Google +, by following these simple steps: Photos à albums à click on the album title and rename it. This is also possible to share the albums from your Picasa folders easily as this is from Google too!

3. Alternate links:

There are a number of alternate links available to access Google+, which permits you to choose the one that works over https for secured connection. Some of the alternate links of Google plus are http://plus.google.com/, http://google.com/+, http://google.com/plus and if you are accessing from mobile phone then the link address is http://m.google.com/plus.

4. Make +1 Tab Public:

By default, the +1 tab is disabled so that only you can view it, but this is possible to make it public by visiting your profile and editing your profile. Click on the +1’s tab and tick mark the option, ‘show this tab on my profile’, following which everyone will be able to see the +1s by you.

5. Drag and drop photos and videos:

This is one of the interesting options that you can drag and drop videos and photos in contrast to the tedious uploading method on Facebook and Twitter, which is going to make this stand out as one of the best means of photo sharing website.

6. Manage:

This option is going to let you know how the Circles are going to appear to everyone on your profile. What you need to do this for this is to open Google+ from your profile and edit it by clicking the round black-grey icon and select the desired options, and this is possible to choose to hide the “have you in circles” box.

7. Enable chat for circles:

This is going to be the only one social networking site that is going to let you enable chat within a group of people, by enabling chat within the circles, that you need not post comments, in which people whom you don’t want to participate will do so. All you need to do is to enable chat for circles.

8. Trick to invite anyone to Google+:

Since Google+ is in its initial phase, Google has restricted the number of people whom you can invite to be your friends, which is a black mark for Google though, in comparison to other social networking sites. However, a small trick to overcome this hurdle is to make a post and share it with particular people who do not have a Google+ account, that they will find themselves being automatically being directed for procuring a
new Google+ account.

9. Use your Gmail account to access Google+:

This is possible to share comments and check notifications in Google+ using your Gmail account directly, with no need of opening a separate page. This is what is called seamless integration of both the accounts into one.

10. Q Key trick:

While you are on the Home tab of Google+, press the q key twice on the keyboard to search and add people to your chat list, with only a second gap for the next press.

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Various Ways Google+ Will Improve Your Non-Profit Organization

If you run a non-profit organization, you know how important it is to communicate with your members and sponsors. Google+ is a great social network that can actually help you meet your communication needs for your organization. You will be able to “hangout” with people that you need to, talk with only certain groups of people at any given time, and communicate from all over the globe. Now what do I mean by hangout?

Various Ways Google+ Will Improve Your Non-Profit Organization

A big feature of Google+ is the hangout feature. You will be able to “hangout” with people from your circles. You will be able to have a high-definition video chat session with people from any circle on your circle list. This a great tool for talking to your board members, volunteers, employees, or anyone else you need to talk to. Let’s say you need to talk to your volunteer coordinators, and you can’t all come to one place for a meeting. You can invite your volunteers to have take part in a hangout on Google+.

Do you have information that you need to share with your volunteers, but not your sponsors? This can easily be addressed when you use Google+. With Google+, you can select what circles your status updates are shared with. With no limit on the amount of characters your status can be, this can be a great way to share information with anyone you need to.

The circles help control what information you share with your followers. You could share your quarterly-report with your sponsors on your page and then share your upcoming events with your sponsors and volunteers. With Google+, you’re in complete control of what people see on your non-profit’s page.

There might be a great bonus of using Google+ in the form of more traffic to your non-profit’s website. This is because Google+ posts will actually show up in Google search results. If your page becomes popular, there will definitely be an increase in traffic to your website. Google is always improving Google+, and they are planning something special for businesses. Google is well-known for their support of non-profit organizations. If you do choose to use Google+, you will be using a product that will do nothing but improve your organization’s communication.

  1. Google+ may be the product that could help with your organization’s communication between everyone.
  2. You can have a hangout with your sponsors, volunteers, or just anyone in general without even leaving your office.
  3. You can also share your posts with only your sponsors or volunteers.
  4. Maybe you want to share a piece of news with everyone and just post it on your status wall.
  5. You will notice a great outcome when it comes to traffic due to Google displaying Google+ results in the search engine results page.
  6. Google+ will definitely help your organization become more organized and communicating without any trouble at all.

Google +1 Button: New Features Added in Google Plus

After few days of it’s testing Google have added two new features to its Google plus +1 button, one – by changing the code you can see the list of friends displaying next to the button which were previously been shown on mouse over effect.

Google +1 Button: New Features Added in Google +1 Button

Two – you can now share any page to your Google plus profile by just pressing the Google +1 button. Also, you could enter comments and choose circles.

Google +1 Button New Features Added in Google +1 Button

Maybe you have notice or maybe you have not but Google have somehow applied the same concept of facebook like button. For example list of friends displaying next to the like button, they already had, also you have seen if any facebook user clicks Like Button on any webpage it goes automatically to his/her facebook profile. Exactly the same Google +1 is doing with it’s new feature.

Find the similarities

Google +1 Button New Features Added in Google +1 Button

Simple Steps to Transfer Photos from Facebook to Google+

If you have moved to Google+ (if not, then get your invitation for free) and wanted your photo’s of Facebook to be on Google+ with a single click, you must read this out.

Simple Steps to Transfer Photos from Facebook to Google+With the launch of Google+ many new addons, extensions, tools have developed for us to experiment over Google+. Today I’m going to review one tool name – Primadesk. I have experimented over myself and found this tool useful. One can easily transfer all their photos from Facebook to their new Google+ profile.

Just follow these steps to start transferring your photos. Remember, Google+ uses Picasa for photo management and all the albums in Picasa will show up in Google+.

Steps to Transfer Photos from Facebook to Google+

  • First go and sign up for this tool.
  • Once you are done with registration you will be on the page to add accounts. To add accounts, click on Facebook icon, give a name to the account and select next. On the next page, you can enter the details of Facebook account or simply authorize your login information through Facebook.
  • To add Google Picasa account, select Google Picasa icon and follow the same process. Here you can add your Facebook and Picasa accounts (remember the note I have written above).

Primadesk: Tool to Transfer Photos from Facebook to Google

  • Once you have added both your account you will now have to create album under Picasa. To Create Album give the name and privacy setting for the album and hit Create button.

Primadesk: Tool to Transfer Photos from Facebook to Google

  • Now click on Facebook, and select the photos you want to transfer by clicking over the Select All button located in the tool bar. Now with your photos selected click the Copy button.

Primadesk: Tool to Transfer Photos from Facebook to Google

  • Then select the Picasa album you have just created and click on the Paste button to transfer your photos to your Picasa account. Note: Google+ uses Picasa for photo management so all the albums in Picasa will show up in Google+.

Primadesk: Tool to Transfer Photos from Facebook to Google

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Google+ Vs. Facebook [Infographic]

Google+ took mere 16 days to reach 10 million users, whereas Facebook and Twitter took almost 2 years. This can prove the power of Google is having. 🙂

Although facebook still holds the lead in toal users, Google+ is certainly catching up. Having recently removed the “invite only” status from their site, and as I said above they now have more than 10 million users, predicted 20 million users by the end of the weekend.

The privacy controls and simple sharing tools could give Google+ an edge to draw in even more users if they can expand outside their current demographic. Anyways have a look on the below infograph were SingleGrain have nicly draw a fight between Google+ and Facebook.

Facebook VS. Google Plus

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