Facebook Graph Search and Online Business

What is Facebook Graph Search?

Facebook’s release of Graph Search is giving new power to the little blue thumb ups. Now page likes will actually have clout and affect the way our search results are filtered in this social medium. Much the way Google filters results of registered users by reviews of friends and user trends, Facebook Graph search is centered on the “Like.” The more your friends like a page, the more likely you’ll see it pop up in search results for a term.

How will it Affect Search?

This means keyword and consumer research for online businesses will also take a different course. In traditional SEO, keyword research paves the way for improving ranking results, articles and press outreach help, too. If your small business already has followers, you’re in luck because you can use this as the base for your market research. If you’re new to social media, you’ll have to start by developing that follower base, first. If you have that existing base of loyal followers, here are some steps you can take to making Facebook Graph Search work for you.


Facebook Graph Search for Online Business

Learn about your existing followers; visit their profiles, observe their other page likes, find out about potential competitors and alternative interests. Note trends and compile a list that you can use in the future for advertising.

Think about who you want to reach and why you might not have already. Do your followers meet your expectations? How can you continue to improve your social network with relevant followers who will actually buy your product or use your service? This is a good time to assess your existing social media strategy and make sure you’re not just going after likes for the sake of volume, but getting quality thumbs up!

Research your competitors. Don’t just research competitors you may feel are your competitors, but look through your network’s profiles for potential competitors and research them. How are they growing their network?


If you’ve spent earnest time building up Facebook followers using true communication, not just driving likes through giveaways, congratulations, you’ve already done most of the legwork.

Now the question is: Will it float? No, seriously, is all the legwork going to really affect your online business’ appearance in search? Will Facebook Graph search really take off?

If the essence of Facebook Graph search (providing results based on pictures and company pages that exist within your social network ) were to permeate all search, it could mean a major shift in the way online business markets their wares – it would bring human relationships back into the equation. It’s the equivalent of going to a doctor or buying from a particular online retailer because your neighbor told you, not help.

While this is all at once fascinating and worrying, online marketers suspect it will take time before Facebook Graph search gets traction outside of the social media platform. Besides, Google will have an antithesis to Graph search. Oh wait, they did.

This article is written by: Calvin Yu, who is a self-proclaimed nerd who geeks-out over office supplies. His passion for economical and hassle free office supplies inspired him to start 247inktoner.com.