How to Use Tumblr for Marketing [Infographic]

Tumblr for Marketing is not a new thing one can hear about; it’s not even newly launched social networking site still one of the powerful medium/platform for marketing being totally neglected.

If you know Tumblr and, know how it works, still haven’t took it seriously then you were doing exactly what I did until I read this infograph created by NEIL PATEL on his blog quicksprout. I knew the value of Tumblr the day yahoo bought it for an insane price, still wasn’t giving it a try!

But the way Tumblr’s traffic have increased at a rate of 74% a year with over 300 million unique visitors a month hitting I have gained a lot of interest to use Tumblr for Marketing, as I have started a new blog for my sister under makeup & beauty niche, it is good to start with Tumblr.

Pretty interesting, yeah?

Now here you should take a look at Neil’s infographic to understand what opportunity you were missing till now.

created by quicksprout

Conclusion I know it’s quite not possible for us to be on all available social networking sites but do we have any choice? We have to be at Tumblr!

Neil is right; we have no choice but to be on Tumblr. Believe it or not but Tumblr is the 28th most popular site on the web, with revenue per visitor being just behind Facebook’s, an opportunity to grab immediately.

Regarding how to use Tumblr for Marketing or how to be a Tumblr Hipster – I would suggest just check out the 10 best practices Neil have mentioned in this infographic, make sure you implement them all, it will create a huge impact.

Let me know if this has helped you? And if not then let me know your tactic on how you are going to use Tumblr for Marketing?

A 5 Minute Guide to Getting a Job in Social Media [Infographic]

Today everyone needs a job, don’t you need it?

And getting a job in social media is tough as lots of people are finding the same thing before then you so it’s highly competitive. But if you have five minutes to give, you will be guided by on how to manage yourself and get a job in social media.

Take those five minutes out and read their infographic starting from here, it will help.

5 Minute Guide - Job in Social Media

Infographic –

Teens and Their Texting Habits [Infograph]

After lots of post on tips and tricks, technology, blogging, stuff we normally come up with an infograph to refresh my readers mind. This time we have come with an infograph regarding Generation TEXT. It contains lots of thing like, what you usually text about, how many times you sent picture message a day, when you text and like that this infograph covers lots of thing on teens and their texting habits. Please have a look on the infograph now.

Teens and Their Texting Habits [Infograph]

I’m sure after reading or seeing the above infograph you guys are thinking these are the things we do daily. The same thing came into my mind when I saw the infograph made Lab42 by for the first time.

Google+ Vs. Facebook [Infographic]

Google+ took mere 16 days to reach 10 million users, whereas Facebook and Twitter took almost 2 years. This can prove the power of Google is having. 🙂

Although facebook still holds the lead in toal users, Google+ is certainly catching up. Having recently removed the “invite only” status from their site, and as I said above they now have more than 10 million users, predicted 20 million users by the end of the weekend.

The privacy controls and simple sharing tools could give Google+ an edge to draw in even more users if they can expand outside their current demographic. Anyways have a look on the below infograph were SingleGrain have nicly draw a fight between Google+ and Facebook.

Facebook VS. Google Plus

I know usually regular readers get bore of reading articles on articles on the same niche so RealTimeTricks brings a cool new infograph for our readers to enjoy! Be sure you write something on comment to gain free backlinks using commentluv.

Improve iPhone Battery life [Infographic]

The most important thing of any gadget is its battery. The more its battery goes on the more it attracts people, but everything doesn’t apply to the gadget something also applies to its users. How they use it, if you remain its features on obviously it takes more battery and hence, you’ll face iphone battery lose problem.

Here in this Infographic you will learn few basic but quick tips to improve iphone battery life.

Improve iPhone Battery life

Top 6 Biggest Websites on Internet [Infographic]

I have seen people on facebook groups talking about the most popular websites, really they are eager to know the biggest websites on internet. So if you too are curious to know the top websites visitors, statistic, etc. Here I present you the infographic, designed by one of the famous infographic artist, who is a blogger too – CreditLoan.

Top 6 Biggest Websites on Internet

Thanks makeuseof for finding this infograph.

People Will Spend Billions This Valentine [Infographic]

We all know Feb is a month of love but do we know how much we spend on this day, No? I tell you how much of money is going to spend this day, gone are the days when only one rose was enough for a boy to buy and give to a girl. Today people from America are spending Billions on this day (valentine). Here is the Infographicwhich will show you how.

Highlights from the inforgraphic

  1. Maximum number of people says they will not celebrate Valentine’s Day.
  2. Compare to women’s, men’s are going to spend more on this valentine, but in Japan women’s spend more than the men and most of it buy chocolates (want to live in Japan;-) ).
  3. Valentine day shoppers tend to wait to the last minute as 60% sales come on February 12, 13 and 14th.
  4. A bouquet of a dozen roses that sells for $40 any other day of the year can easily cost more than 2X that much on Valentine Day.  Tip – Buy Early! Thanks degreesearch.

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