Prepare a Will for Your Online Identities Using PassMyWill

No one knows in this world when he or she is going to die and never will, but there is a surety of passing your online identities safe on your loving one’s hand or the one you want to give.

Prepare a Will for Your Online Identities Using PassMyWillToday people know you personally or not but they know you well online and that is good enough! But have you ever thought what will happen to your facebook profile, twitter account, website/blog identities or to your important passwords like bank or email accounts when you pass away?

This is not at all a good feeling to do but if you are really concerned for your online identities, Will your passwords to your relatives if you pass away with and it will send out emails to your relatives with your passwords.

How Does PassMyWill Work:

Visiting its website, you will be asked for your email ID and password for their website to login. Once you logged in you will be asked to fill a form which is required to take your information and to send out emails when you get die.

It works on its process of:

  • Store passwords
  • If you pass away
  • Verify your death
  • Distribute your passwords

Prepare a Will for Your Online Identities Using PassMyWill

The password you give to them will be encrypted with one key on your local computer, so nobody can access your data without the key, even they. Therefore you should not worry for your details being compromised while we are living!

Also, Make sure you tell the person how to figure out your encryption key. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to open the message having all the details of your online identity.