Now Set Privacy over Each Profile Picture on Facebook Manually

Facebook recently have updated its privacy settings for Profile Pictures, Wall Photos or Mobile Uploads. Now you can set the privacy over each profile picture you upload in your Facebook account means you got more control over your Facebook pictures. However, you can only control the privacy over Facebook profile pictures, wall photos or mobile uploads rest all the albums in your account doesn’t have the ability to control privacy settings of each photo.

Just few minutes back a popup message from Facebook came to my attention when I was updating my profile picture. It says:

Remember: your current profile picture is always public. Now, when the photo gets added to your profile pictures album its set to public – and you can change who sees it.

profile picture on facebook

The Use of Privacy over Each Profile Picture

Let me explain what exactly happens when you create a new profile picture.

The photo you upload gets added to your profile which appears in your timeline and also appears in your Profile Pictures album. It shows in a thumbnail version next to your name on Facebook and a thumbnail version of your current profile picture will always be public as you can see it appears next to your updates – posts and comments on Facebook.

How You Can Set Privacy over Each Profile Picture on Facebook

The way to set privacy settings of photos you’ve just uploaded in these albums, or the photos you’ve already in these albums. Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Open your profile, go to the Photos section.

profile picture on facebook

Step 2: Select the album, open it, pick the photo you want to edit (right click to open in new window), once the photo gets open, click on the drop down icon below to choose who you want to share your photo with.

Note that when you upload a new photo in your Facebook account as a profile picture it will shared publicly by default. You can either left it as public or you can set privacy of your profile picture manually.

I have seen few people on Facebook who have done this mistake and their profile pictures are can be seen and download by those who they won’t allow to.

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