How to Record Skype Calls on Your iPad

It’s easy to record Skpye calls if you are using it in your iPad. Though their are many tools available to record Skpye calls but here I’ll cover three very popular FREE apps that will help you record Skype calls on your iPad. But lets first introduce Skype.

Skype is a free application that allows you to make phone calls to friends, family, and colleagues using your iPad. You can use the camera on your device to exchange video in addition to the audio feed, or you can run Skype in the background as audio-only while you work on other applications. While you can’t capture the video for a Skype call, it is possible to record the audio. When you use Skype for professional purposes, recording can help you settle future disputes if one party remembers the call differently than the other. If you want to record Skype calls on your iPad, check out the following apps that are easy to use – and all have a free version. Keep in mind that depending on your state’s laws, you may be required to inform someone when you are recording him.

Audio Memos to Record Skype Calls on Your iPad

Record Skype Calls

Audio Memos must be started manually, so you’ll need to begin recording either right before or after your Skype call begins. To begin recording in Audio Memos just tap one button and it starts capturing your call.

Audio Memos will record your voice and the voice of your Skype caller, provided you don’t have your headphones in – if you wear headphones, it will only capture your end of the conversation.

This app will also pick up background noise in the room, so it’s best to make your Skype call in a relatively quiet room. Once your recording is finished, you can send it via email (up to 3MB) or back it up on your computer. In the free version, large ads run in the middle of the screen.

QuickVoice to Record Skype Calls on Your iPad

Record Skype Calls

Quick Voice is another manual recording application that will run in the background while you talk on Skype. QuickVoice records your voice, the voice of your caller, and anything else in the surrounding area when you hit the “Record” button – if your headphones are in, it won’t hear your caller’s voice. You can stop or pause your recording with one-tap also, and the program lets you name the recording while it’s still happening with no interruption by tapping the “Title” icon.

Like Audio Memos, you can send your recording via email; QuickVoice lets you send larger files, up to 5MB. Recordings can be renamed, and always display the size and date of the recording. The free version has fairly subtle ads along the top of the screen, while the paid version is ad-free.

ScreenChomp to Record Skype Calls on Your iPad

Record Skype Calls

ScreenChomp opens up to a white board screen, which lets you easily take notes while you record your Skype call. Skype will run in the background while you work on this application, however if you exit ScreenChomp your recording will automatically pause until you return and start again.

Once you manually begin recording by tapping the red “Rec” button, choose between different highlighter sizes and begin writing on the screen with your finger.

If you make a mistake, you can erase it by tapping the eraser icon. Or, fill up the screen and then clear it with the board clear so you can take more notes. Everything you do on the screen is recorded along with the audio, so you can watch your notes back later while listening to the recording.

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