Google Penguin Update: How to Prevent your Site from Getting Affected

Google, as we all know, believes in eliminating scrap from its head and Google penguin update comes as a real-time scraper with tough guidelines for the webmasters. This step is understandable, owing to the unethical practices that prevailed over the net to pull more visitors and generate undue revenues. After all, the duty of a good search engine is to take care of its users.

Here are some cool tips, which can prevent your blog from getting affected (or bring it back on track).

google penguin update

Say No to Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing refers the addition of keywords to your site’s content repeatedly and unnaturally. This affects the main objective of any article, which is to provide useful info to the readers. Hidden texts for adding keywords are considered spam by Google, and result in downfall of your site’s rankings. Informative and user-friendly write-ups will gain more reputation by Google and you can escape the affect of Google Penguin update.

Participating in Link Exchange Schemes

Irrelevant linking to other blogs in order to enhance the rankings or PR of the site is not a good idea. For instance, a music blog pointing to a photography blog is crap in eyes of Google. It’s the quality of links that matters, not the quantity.

Original and interesting content will automatically persuade others to link to it. So, just concentrate on your being a source of valuable info and you will get fascinating results.

Ads First, Content Second

Google reportedly received lots of complaints from users, who get no relevant information after scrolling through a list of ads. Sites that force the readers to click on ads, or put irrelevant and big images before the articles seem to have suffered.

Write-ups on your site should be highly visible to your readers and should fulfill their appetite for good info. Then, there’s no reason why your site won’t come at the top of search engine rankings.

Remove Low Paying Ads from Your blog or Site

Monitor your Site’s Performance

Site’s loading speed, its compatibility to different browsers and the presence pages & links that search engines can crawl are some of the important points Google likes to pay heed to. Performance gauging tools like PageSpeed, WebPageTest and YSlow should be brought into use amongst others. After all, your objective and that of Google is the same, i.e. to act as a helping hand to visitors starving for top-notch and quality information.

Does your Affiliate Site add Value?

If you are running an affiliate products website, make sure to provide quality content to the users, so they really become excited to buy the product. Misleading and manipulative practices to add zeros to your revenue can definitely harm your site’s rankings to an unprecedented extent, especially after Google’s latest quality-check guidelines.

To cap it all, one golden rule you can follow is to go with user’s comfort and needs. Feel free to post your past experiences, ideas or any additional tips regarding Google Penguin in the comment’s section.

5 Ways to Protect Your Blog From Panda Effect

Google Panda update is a positive measure that they have taken to remove contents that are of low quality during your keyword search results. Since Google makes money via users having quality experience when they search for things inside of Google, and if they use Google repeatedly the more money they make.

5 Ways to Protect Your Blog From Panda Effect

Google decided to do business and therefore has introduced the concept of Panda. The concept of Panda is that at the end of your search results only those websites that are of high quality containing high quality content. So, with this in mind, if you could follow a few guidelines while you write, you could protect your website from Panda effect and rather develop a stronger website. Follow these simple guidelines to save your blog from the panda attack.

1. Avoid Duplicate Content

This has been the rule for a long time, and has serious impact on your website these days ever since the launch of Panda. Google will be neglecting your website if you are going to post duplicate content and you will lose being indexed by Google. Try to write and develop unique and original articles that will be noticed, even if you rewrite from previous information.

2. Emphasize on the use of social media to spread a word about your blog posts

Panda seems to be carried away with the websites that has more number of likes or tweets or stumbles or Google +1 factor. The more the number of these figures that you can get for your blog posts, the higher the chances that you are being indexed by Panda to appear as the top sites in the search results of via Google search engine. So this is always advisable to include these buttons and widgets for each and every post that you write.

3. Stronger emphasis on onsite fundamentals and high quality content

Panda is just another name given to Google’s algorithm for refining their performance as a search engine. This ultimately aims to retain their position in the top most ranking amongst search engines. Getting your website in the top in one of the topmost search engines is a heinous task for which you need to sweat out writing very good high quality content and establish yourself as a reputed writer in your niche area, so that you are assured of a very higher number of readerships. I always focus on this strongly for my gotomeeting promo code and gotowebinar promo code blog as I believe this is one most important thing to be followed. The ultimate thing to do for this is to stick onto your SEO fundamentals stringently so that Panda will index your website easily. Write high quality content that are also SEO optimized.

4. Avoid the use of External links

Try to develop as much as increased inbound links and avoid the use of external links, especially when you are monetizing using your website. Do not use paid links for the cause of monetization as Panda hates such paid links and this will pull your website down the Google ranking, making you ‘penny-wise pound-foolish’.

5. Improve Speed or loading time of your website

Panda loves websites that loads faster and are not crumbled with loads of advertisements, which takes longer time to load. Therefore, keep your website optimized for speedy loading by reducing the number of pictures, images and videos. Optimize them if unavoidable by increasing the loading speed.

These are some of the ways by which you can keep the vicious eyes of Panda from bringing your website down on the Google search engine ranking.

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Top 5 Facebook Dating Apps

If your facebook status constantly shifts between “Single” and… well. Has it been “Single” for as long as you can remember? Have you ever wondered, “WTF? All of my friends are in a relationship! Even my brother’s status says ‘It’s Complicated.’  And he’s 16.”  Read on.

Badoo – Badoo is fairly new to the social networking world. The app gains 300,000 new users a day. Analysts are indicating a Top 5 Facebook Dating App rating is in the company’s near future. Badoo’s swift rise to the top was powered by an amazing increase in users during Valentine’s season. Duh!?!

The Good: As of April 2011 Badoo claims to have 16 million regular monthly users. That’s a lot of prospects 🙂

The Bad: Badoo was recently warned by Facebook to make its app less viral on the site or it would face potential discontinuation. What is Facebook thinking?!?

Top 5 Facebook Dating Apps - badoo

Are You Interested – Having to choose from over 13 million active users is good for people who need quantity over quality right now.  After filling out your main profile page, you’re on your way to selection.

The Good: This app actually takes your profile, analyzes it, and attempts to match you with other people that have similar profiles. Who knows? You could get lucky and find someone who’s also never seen another Facebook status other than “Single.”

The Bad: Not a lot really, aside from the occasional server issues.

Top 5 Facebook Dating Apps - Are You Interested

FLIRT – Ok, I’m cheating here a bit. This is actually a combination of multiple apps (Would You Sleep With Me, Compare Hotness, HOT or NOT).  They don’t really get you anywhere close to a meaningful date, but at least it connects you to someone. That would be good news for a lot of us!

The Good (?): Hard to get a meaningful date.

The Bad: Hard to get a meaningful date.

Top 5 Facebook Dating Apps - flirt

Zoosk – Based out of California, Zoosk claims to have 50 million singles “registered” on their site, including 15 million active monthly users. Alright!

The Good: Zoosk guarantees that all the information is real and not automated. That’s very good news because you don’t want to date a robot. Believe me, I’ve tried. And for those that have no idea about dating, it even suggests 1st-date perfect scenarios.

The Bad: You need to shell out dollars as a paying member to get the full benefit of the app.

Top 5 Facebook Dating Apps - Zoosk

Social Connect – Social Connect is also a relatively new app for FB. It doesn’t even brag that they have millions of monthly users, but don’t let that fool you…

The Good: Great user interface. You have (almost) everything you need right there on one page, the main one. When you use the search engine, you are asked various questions like belief, living with parents, children, and various factors that may affect your relationship. This very detailed information is great because it makes the probability of finding a great mate go up exponentially.

Here’s the icing: Voted Best Dating App 2011 by!

The Bad: If there ever were a time TMI (Too Much Information) can be abused, this would be it.

But who cares, right? Let the searching (and dating) begin!


Author – Matt Fuller is a relationships writer relating to issues concerning single people and couples. Matt writes about a variety of topics ranging from dating sites Australia and free online dating reviews for singles as well as social networking.