SEO Plan That Search Engines and Audience Will Notice

Earlier it was Google Panda that lashed many websites, and now it is Google Penguin continuing where Panda left. This is one of the major problems with online business, as search engines tighten their rules websites are hit randomly this shows the need to have an effective SEO plan in place before starting an online business.

A typical SEO plan outlines your marketing goals, your target customers, and plans to achieve those goals. There are plenty of SEO techniques, but a SEO plan that has a right proportion of various techniques is more likely to succeed than a SEO plan that focuses too much on a single SEO technique say, keyword optimization.

Here are some of the SEO techniques you can consider having in your SEO plan.

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SEO Plan: Keyword Selection

As search engines rely on keywords to filter out web pages, selecting right keywords is vital for any online business. The very first thing is to find out the approximate set of keywords your target customers are likely to use. This can be done by using any keyword research tools.

As of now, the most widely used is Google Keyword research tool. Using this tool is quite simple and straightforward, except that you need to pay keen attention on certain important parameters like broad selection, specific selection, competition, and search volume.

As the name says, specific selection would allow you to choose exact keywords whereas broad selection would allow you to choose words that are almost closer to your keywords. So, by keeping both broad and specific selection checked, you can pick up a mix of keywords that are likely to attract wide range of customers.

The next two important parameters are competition and search volume. Keywords with low competition and high search volume means users are in need of certain information and there aren’t many websites meeting the criteria.

Therefore, you can pick up such keywords and provide useful content to boost your website’s visibility naturally. However, you need to choose optimum number of keywords, as stuffing your content with too many keywords would make search engines penalize your website.

Additionally, you can also focus on keyword phrases. Most of the time, people search for specific information like reviews, comparison, advice on certain products, or help with purchase decisions. So you can either have entries in standard rating websites or include appropriate content in your website.

This will prove that your website has much more than mere generic content.

SEO Plan: Website Content

After choosing the right set of keywords, you might be tempted to stuff your content with those keywords. Theoretically, a search engine should rank such sites well, but it doesn’t work that way. Search engines gauge your content using different parameters like your authority, links shared in social media sites, validity of information, current trends, and demand for a topic.

Apart from using all these parameters, search engines also give much importance to keywords. So you need to have catchy titles with relevant keywords and keyword phrases. The bottom line is this: the fresher and more informative your content is, the more likely readers and search engines will like it.

SEO Plan: Online Marketing

A good marketing plan is certainly necessary to promote your products online, to maintain a good link profile, and to improve your website’s ranking. As social media has been gaining popularity, you should consider promoting your products in Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. The advantage is you could garner the attention of millions of users by promoting your website in any of these sites.

However, social media sites are like double-edged sword, i.e., you will gain attention for both good and bad service alike. So if your product or service isn’t that good, you might need to stay away from social networking sites, whereas if you are confident about your products, then you can harness their power to reach millions of people effectively without spending much.

Apart from these methods, you can also promote your products in the following ways

a. White papers: Document sharing is a great way to promote your products and gain search rank. You can publish white papers about the services or products your company offers and publish them in Scribd. Google looks into Scribd for shared documents and links to site that posts it.

b. Presentations: Just like white papers, you can prepare presentations about the benefits of your products and post them in, the world’s largest presentation sharing website.

Internet is vast and there are plenty of ways to market your products and boost your search rankings. But, not everyone is aware of feasible ways to promote their online business. In that case, spending time on preparing an optimal SEO plan would certainly throw more light on different approaches and would make things a lot easier.

Additionally, just like any other business, ideas keep evolving over time, so you need to keep your SEO plan open for changes.

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4 Things to Do to Give Your Blog the Ranking Boost it Need

A blog has no life of its own until it is being read which is why bloggers are always on the lookout for the best ways to get traffic to their blog.

The key to blogging success isn’t just to get traffic, but to get quality traffic that you can retain. If you really want results then it will be a smart idea to make the search engines your friend.

The thing about being ranked well in the search engines is that it takes more than building a few backlinks and expecting results to come, it also has a lot to do with what happens on your own site. I have been studying how decisions I make on my website affects my rankings for a while now and I’ll be sharing a few tips with you below.

4 Things to Do to Give Your Blog the Ranking Boost it Need

1. Choose a Good Web Host

I can’t emphasize this enough. You’ve probably heard this several times but most people still take it with levity. When it comes to choosing a web hosting what guides the decision of some people is how much it costs, not how good the service is. This is a blunder that has to be fixed.

The reality about life is that you only get what you pay for and the internet is not an exception. If you look for a good hosting company and pay the right fees you will get quality service.

You should also be ready to upgrade your hosting as your site grows; don’t use shared hosting when your website is big enough for a dedicated server and you can afford it. If I were to personally recommend any web host it will be Hostgator.

If you’re wondering why having a good web host is so important the answer is simple; it creates a great user experience and loads fast, which leads to better search rankings for you.

2. Use a Clean Design

This also goes in the same line as going for budget over quality. Most people skimp on good designs because they think it is too expensive. Good things aren’t accessible to everybody and if you really want your business to succeed you should start learning to invest.

One great element that can give your blog the SEO boost it needs is a good design. Specifically asking my designer to help make my blog search engine friendly led to a boost in my traffic and my traffic has doubled since I started using that design.

The better your design the better rankings you’re likely to get.

3. Learn to Use Special Formatting in Your Articles

Using special formatting helps give your articles a boost and position your site as an authority. Aside from the fact that using special formatting makes your articles easy to read and more user friendly, it also tells the search engines that you’re a real person who cares about user experience.

Fortunately, there are also special formatting that search engines place emphasis on; such formatting include the heading tags (H1 tag, H2 tag and the H3 tag), bolding, italicizing or using blockquotes in your articles. These formatting help place emphasis on your points and if your keywords are included in any section where you use any of these tags it will have an effect on your overall rankings.

4. Encourage Social Sharing

Search engines are starting to place a lot more emphasis on social media with even Google integrating social into its search engine. I have noticed that it sometimes take a while for some of my articles to be indexed but the moment I tweetor share it on Facebook it will be indexed instantly; in other words, Google and other search engines monitor these sites a lot and you can easily increase your chances of success by getting shared a lot on them.

Make sure your articles are really valuable posts with attractive title that people want to share and also ask friends and readers to take a minute to share your content. Those shares might not result in a lot of direct traffic at the moment but the boost they will give your content in the search engines might be worth a lot in the future.

Bamidele Onibalusi is a blogger who loves to review hostgator coupon codes and resources for writers on his blog.