Top 5 Facebook Dating Apps

If your facebook status constantly shifts between “Single” and… well. Has it been “Single” for as long as you can remember? Have you ever wondered, “WTF? All of my friends are in a relationship! Even my brother’s status says ‘It’s Complicated.’  And he’s 16.”  Read on.

Badoo – Badoo is fairly new to the social networking world. The app gains 300,000 new users a day. Analysts are indicating a Top 5 Facebook Dating App rating is in the company’s near future. Badoo’s swift rise to the top was powered by an amazing increase in users during Valentine’s season. Duh!?!

The Good: As of April 2011 Badoo claims to have 16 million regular monthly users. That’s a lot of prospects 🙂

The Bad: Badoo was recently warned by Facebook to make its app less viral on the site or it would face potential discontinuation. What is Facebook thinking?!?

Top 5 Facebook Dating Apps - badoo

Are You Interested – Having to choose from over 13 million active users is good for people who need quantity over quality right now.  After filling out your main profile page, you’re on your way to selection.

The Good: This app actually takes your profile, analyzes it, and attempts to match you with other people that have similar profiles. Who knows? You could get lucky and find someone who’s also never seen another Facebook status other than “Single.”

The Bad: Not a lot really, aside from the occasional server issues.

Top 5 Facebook Dating Apps - Are You Interested

FLIRT – Ok, I’m cheating here a bit. This is actually a combination of multiple apps (Would You Sleep With Me, Compare Hotness, HOT or NOT).  They don’t really get you anywhere close to a meaningful date, but at least it connects you to someone. That would be good news for a lot of us!

The Good (?): Hard to get a meaningful date.

The Bad: Hard to get a meaningful date.

Top 5 Facebook Dating Apps - flirt

Zoosk – Based out of California, Zoosk claims to have 50 million singles “registered” on their site, including 15 million active monthly users. Alright!

The Good: Zoosk guarantees that all the information is real and not automated. That’s very good news because you don’t want to date a robot. Believe me, I’ve tried. And for those that have no idea about dating, it even suggests 1st-date perfect scenarios.

The Bad: You need to shell out dollars as a paying member to get the full benefit of the app.

Top 5 Facebook Dating Apps - Zoosk

Social Connect – Social Connect is also a relatively new app for FB. It doesn’t even brag that they have millions of monthly users, but don’t let that fool you…

The Good: Great user interface. You have (almost) everything you need right there on one page, the main one. When you use the search engine, you are asked various questions like belief, living with parents, children, and various factors that may affect your relationship. This very detailed information is great because it makes the probability of finding a great mate go up exponentially.

Here’s the icing: Voted Best Dating App 2011 by!

The Bad: If there ever were a time TMI (Too Much Information) can be abused, this would be it.

But who cares, right? Let the searching (and dating) begin!


Author – Matt Fuller is a relationships writer relating to issues concerning single people and couples. Matt writes about a variety of topics ranging from dating sites Australia and free online dating reviews for singles as well as social networking.