How To: Save Money on Phone Bill

Landlines are on the wane. With more and more people choosing to use mobiles as their main means of communication, many customers only have a phone line in order to have a home internet connection, and many providers are now offering the option of broadband without the need for a landline.

It’s surprising, then, that more people don’t use Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, an alternative to traditional phone services that is usually cheaper and arguably better than using a mobile.


How To Save Money on Phone Bill

Using the internet and messaging services such as Skype, VoIP provides cheap, often free calls to another computer or a landline anywhere in the world, whether or not the other party is signed up to the same service. Those with friends or family in far flung places find these services invaluable, while most users can save money on national or local calls too.

How VOIP Save Money on Phone Bill

VoIP customers can use a headset, often Bluetooth or wireless, to talk over the internet, or an internet phone designed to look and feel like a traditional telephone while connecting easily and offering extra services such as video calls. Some internet phones plug into a computer’s USB port, while DECT cordless phones can be used anywhere in the home. These can be easily found at electrical retailers like Tesco. There are also adapters which enable existing corded or cordless phones to connect with VoIP services, and dual use phones which can switch between the internet and the landline network.

Some Drawbacks of VoIP

The drawback of VoIP is that the quality of the call can sometimes be less than with a landline, with lags and loss of data interrupting calls. Like cordless phones, VoIP phones are susceptible to power cuts, where a traditional phone, which draws power from the telephone network, would still operate. More seriously, not all VoIP phones support calls to the emergency services, or allow an emergency call to be traced by location.

For most households, a combination of VoIP services, for free or cheap calls and video calls, and a landline, for better sound quality or just for emergencies, will cover all needs. I hope this is going to save money on your phone bill! <Image Credit>