Remove Unwanted Elements from YouTube [Ads]

While watching videos on YouTube you have noticed other elements (whether its likes, sidebar, ads, similar videos or comments) which distract your concentration and you couldn’t focus on the tutorial you are watching on YouTube.

Many prefer clear pages because they hate get disturb from unwanted annoying elements on page. Many plug-in or extension help you avoid everything, from ads to similar videos even comments. This turns to sacrifice which many users prefer to not do in that case you need something which transform your YouTube page into a new cool version that display only the elements you want.

Previously I had suggested a way to dark the unwanted elements place on page which turns everything into a dark background except the YouTube video player now I’ll tell you the way to remove unwanted elements that easily can distract anyone’s attention from YouTube Page. For that you need to install extension in your browser chrome (also available for Firefox & safari).

Remove Unwanted Elements from YouTube using clear nr

Once the extension is been installed in your browser chrome, you will find a new YouTube page which allows a new interface that only consist of the useful elements! Now as you have moved to the extension you will not find any such elements on the page that can distract your attention from the video you are watching.

Remove Unwanted Elements from YouTube using clear nr
Transformed into a new YouTube page

You can check the screenshot above been transformed into a new look having only YouTube player to watch video’s. The main purpose of the extension is to give their users a new clear look for the video they are watching! You can still find those unwanted elements including comments, favorite, suggested videos, like, etc by clicking on the link presented beneath YouTube video player.

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After YouTube, Now Yahoo! Bring Bollywood Movies Online

Google gives a tough competition to all its competitors, whether it’s Facebook or Yahoo! Google try’s to bring something innovative from them but it seems Yahoo! wanted to give the same competition. As few months ago YouTube have come with a box office channel where one can watch popular Bollywood movies online every month.

After YouTube, Now Yahoo! Bring Bollywood Movies Online

And now Yahoo! has come with a new service named MoviePlex. Here you can watch online movies in both standard and HD quality and there is no limit of one movie a month like YouTube but this time the collection of movies are short. As they have launched a new service the number of movies added is few.

The best thing you will find in MoviePlex is no advertisements. You can watch your favorite movie without getting interrupted by ads also the service is totally free so go and enjoy its new release Aakrosh.

After YouTube, Now Yahoo! Bring Bollywood Movies Online

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