The 4G vs. 3G Mobile Broadband Internet – The Difference

Based on what a lot of people have been saying about 4G mobile internet access lately there has been a lot of concern. A lot of people are very happy that a new mobile internet technology is coming but, like with any new technology, some people are afraid that access to 4G internet will be a little more expensive compared to 3G.

4G Speed

The funny thing is that there are some people who really believe that there is no difference between the 3G mobile internet connections when compared to 4G and the main purpose of this article is to show you why 4G internet is more unique and different from the 3G internet technology.

The Difference in Speed – 4G vs. 3G Mobile

The major reason why many people decide if they need to go for a new broadband internet service or not is because of its speed.

Even though the 3G internet connection is a fast internet connection the 4G internet connection is better. The 3G mobile internet technology has varying speeds from 1mbps to 3mbps to 7mbps. The reality is that there are still a lot of ISPs who are yet to be providing super fast 3G speeds.

The 4G internet connection is a faster form of internet connection with download speeds of as high as 100mbps. What that means is that you will be able to enjoy internet access at least 5 times faster than the standard 3G internet connection.

Security Improvements

Every form of internet connection has its own security flaws and the 3G internet connection isn’t any different.

The reality is that the 3G mobile internet connection is a very secure form of internet connection compared to other major internet connections but it also has its flaws. The great thing about this is that some of the major security flaws observed in the 3G internet technology have been fixed in 4G and the only thing that means is that you can only expect better internet access.

4G Has Stronger Coverage

The rate at which a lot of ISPs are starting to integrate the 4G mobile internet technology into their network is stunning and that only shows a sign of a good future.

The 4G mobile internet technology is starting to have its hold in some places in the US and ISPs are working on rolling it out in other places. One thing I suspect about the 4G internet is that it will be able to provide more solid and reliable coverage in major areas faster than 3G did – and with that we can only start dreaming of a better future.

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Author – Paul Tobis is a tech and internet enthusiast who writes for the Broadband Expert site.

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