Top 5 iPhone Application a Student Must Have

If you’re a student (like me) and using an iPhone then these 5 applications you must keep in your iPhone. I know how life can be so hectic for a student; it’s very difficult to keep all things but if you owe an iPhone then life might come on track.

#Top 5 iPhone Application a Student Must Have

iStudiez Pro is used to help people schedule their events, homework, assignments and much more. It is nice to have your phone tell you what you have due and what needs to be done.

G-Park is used to mark the location where you parked your car last time. For instance, if you’re parking your car in a large campus parking lot you don’t usually get to have the luxury of parking in the same place every day, so this iPhone app helps them pinpoint where they parked when they forget.

Bill Tracker helps you by notifying bills of their users. For instance it tells the amount due, date due, and more.

The Weather Channel is very helpful to check weather status, for a student it is very informative and a must to know about weather status to keep you on time and not to be late.

Convert this application is also very important as it is very helpful for students to convert any type of conversions. It will make your subjects easy.
Hope this article help you chose your new but useful applications. Let us know in comments how you’re taking use of them?

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  1. Most iPhone applications are relatively inexpensive. With so many apps available it is important to keep the price down so that users will purchase the app.

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