Top Three Improvements of Blogger In Draft

Still if you’re using blogger to manage and run your blog, you’ll glad to know about top 3 new improvements blogger had made in blogger in draft. Now you can see couple of improvements in the text editor on blogger in draft!
Top three improvements in blogger in draft:
Add caption to your photos: Ever you wanted to add caption to your image which you had included in your post? Now you can easily add caption to your image by making a single click into your image and click add caption.
Expandable type pad: Also with caption they have added a new feature for bloggers. Now you can expand your typing pad area, just you need to click on corner of the editor and drag. It will grow automatically with your mouse moves.
Fastest video uploading: They know how important our time is for us so by keeping this in mind they have made some changes in video uploading time period, now you’ll see you can upload videos a bit faster then previously.
So if you guys want to experience these changes then make your default blogging to blogger in draft.

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