Ever wonder – your emails has been read by your clients / friends or still are pending with them, you just has to wait till he / she replies your email – this is the only way you knew to know if he / she has read your email. But not more now, you can now track sent emails just by sending an email – no further software or scripts required.

Today, RightInbox have added a new feature, using, one can easily track sent emails and it doesn’t come with complex scripts or software that confuses an ordinary person to install to use. With them, you only require hitting a buttons install and it starts to work right after its installation.

Track Sent Emails: Get Notified When Someone Opens Your Email

Track Sent EmailsTo start tracking emails, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Download the extension for your browser: Click here to download if you are using Google Chrome, or click here if you are using Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Once the download gets completed, a popup will ask confirmation, Click Install.
  3. Now go to your Gmail Account and finish authentication – When you login to your Gmail account it will ask you to grant permission to the third party so that track sent emails feature gets added into your account.
  4. Once you permit you will be able to see a button added next to “SAVE” button. By clicking into that button you can track sent emails.

Schedule Emails in Gmail to Be Sent Later

Track Sent EmailsRightInbox, not only comes with tracking emails but it also allows you to schedule emails in Gmail. We previously had written same function to schedule email in Gmail using boomerang now we are again featuring same function but using RightInbox.

Click here to download the right extension for your browser and following the previous step start scheduling your emails in Gmail.

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  1. With Right Inbox you can schedule emails in Gmail, set email reminders, track sent emails and receive notifications once it’s been read, you can even track clicks from a sent email. If a link from the message gets clicked by the recipient you will be notified.

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