Translate Text From Inside Browser URL Address Bar

Bubble Translate let you translate a selection of text from inside any website and view the result without leaving the page. It’s a Real-Time & inline text translator which can help you translate from any language to yours.

When bubble translate is install in your browser you don’t need Google Translator to translate languages. After installation, you can access the different functions using popup menus or imply select the text and use the shortcuts to make inline translations to multiples languages.
You can also configure Bubble Translate to hide the icon in your address bar and simply use shortcuts or specify the function when you click the icon.
Links To Install Bubble Translate For Chrome.
Some of The Features of Bubble Translate
– Inline translation of text.
– Real-time Translations and Dictionary new.
– Full website translation.
– Multiples shortcuts with different languages new.
– Customization: Themes and Shortcuts.
– Hide Icon Option new.
– Popup menu.

Note – Bubble Translate is using Google Translate for inline and Real-Time translations.

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