Best Way to Unlock Blackberry Bold 9900 and Blackberry 9360

With the modern technology come new innovative devices. These pose challenges to some people when it comes to their operations. As such, information on how to perform certain activities in their operations is very important. Blackberry series are some of the latest devices in the market today. Many people have their devices locked but they do not know how to unlock blackberry bold 9900.

Getting the right information to unlock your phone is very important. This is because it makes it easy for you to use unlock the device and use it with ease. You do not encounter any complications as you unlock device if you have the right information. To unlock device, you need to follow certain instructions. These are;

Unlock Blackberry Bold 9900

Way to Unlock Blackberry Bold 9900

  • You need to insert a Sim card that is not accepted in the device. This can be any Sim card that is not of the original phone carrier.
  • You will get a response from the blackberry telling you that the Sim card need an unlock code. The device will also ask you if you would like to unlock it.
  • Once you accept, the device will require you to enter the MEP code of the network.
  • The unlock blackberry information will have given you an option through which you will ask for and receive unlock code via email.
  • Your phone will respond by a display message confirming that the device has been unlocked.

To unlock blackberry curve 9360 is also easy. You just need to visit a website with unlock reliable information. However, you need to have a Sim card in the phone in order to complete the process. The Sim card can be active or inactive. It is also important to ensure that the device is charged fully so that it does not go off as you carry out the unlock procedure. Follow the following instructions;

Unlock Blackberry Curve 9360

Way to Unlock Blackberry Curve 9360

  • Turn your device on
  • Select the setting menu from the device screen.
  • Go to the options then advanced options.
  • Select Sim card.
  • The phone will display a personalized screen.
  • Using the keyboard, type the MEPD on your blackberry. However, it is important to know that when typing the MEPD, it will not be shown on the screen.
  • After typing the MEPD, press ALT and then 2 on the device keyboard. All this will not be shown on the keyboard even if you are typing.
  • The device will prompt you to enter the code to unlock your blackberry device. Enter the code provided on the website you visit for unlock information.
  • To confirm the entry, press track pad.
  • You will get a message that will confirm that the code has been accepted and the screen will then return to a personalized screen.

The device will now be unlocked. Once you are through with the unlock blackberry curve process, resetting it the best idea. This is possible by removing the battery for some seconds then inserting it. Switch your device on and it will be good. With the right information to unlock blackberry bold 9900 and blackberry curve 9360, the process become easy.

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