How To: Upload Favicon to Blogger Blogs (New Feature)

I know many blogger (through social network) using default favicon provided by blogger, just because they don’t know the way to customize it in their blogs HTML form. To make this easy, today Blogger in Draft have added a new feature for their users were you don’t need to do anything with HTML, just click and you can upload favicon to blogger blogs.

What is Favicon?

A quick note on favicon for those who still don’t know about it, a favicon is a tiny Image displayed in your browser’s window it gives identity to a blog.

How To Upload Favicon to Blogger

As I told, you don’t need to do anything with HTML here. Once you have decided and done with the design of your favicon you can add that favicon from the Design | Page Elements tab.

Now as you can see the new option available just above your navbar – favicon, by clicking Edit on the new “Favicon” setting one new window will come out were you been asked to select an image from your hard disk to replace the default blogger favicon image from your blog, to generate your favicon try – By default it only support .ico files but if you have any jpeg or png file you can easily covert it, by using icoconverter.

Once everything is ready and you have selected your custom favicon by choosing file option, now your part is over blogger will automatically resize the image to its correct dimension. You can check by seeing the page element and when you save your template you can see the changes, your custom favicon is been placed were the default blogger favicon was placed.

Still the team is working on to add support on non-ico format. I’ll update this article once they launched this feature with non-ico format files. Let me find you in comments.

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4 thoughts on “How To: Upload Favicon to Blogger Blogs (New Feature)”

  1. Do you think favicon is really important for a website? Irfan. I usually leave it there and never touch it or edit it. Any way, thanks a lot for your post, as I’ve learn new thing to change the favicon.

  2. Hello JayTran,

    First of all, i would like to tell you that favicon gives you identity. It makes your blog looks more professional + if someone bookmarks your page, favicons make it easier for them to get to your page from other bookmarks, it gives your page a identity.

    Thanks for asking the question.

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