Use the Internet to Cheat at Scrabble

I’m a Scrabble junkie, so it isn’t often that I recommend Scrabble cheats. Still, even an old-school Scrabble buff like me knows that there are some occasions when cheating at Scrabble is the way to go. Thanks to the Internet, Scrabble and Scrabble knock-offs are being played on social media sites and in iPhone apps even more than traditional board based Scrabble games.

I don’t consider these online Scrabble games the real deal, for reasons too many to go into here. Suffice to say that I think cheating at online Scrabble games is perfectly acceptable, thanks to computer help, especially when it means the difference between beating your idiot friends and having to listen to them brag about how they bested you for years to come.

Use the Internet to Cheat at Scrabble

Here’s A Few Internet Tricks You Can Use To Cheat at Scrabble.

  • Scrabble Cheating Sites

There are any number of sites out there to help online Scrabble players cheat by listing legal Scrabble words that can be made from their available letters. A quick Google search should open the door to a long list of sites that ask you to input the letters on your rack and spit out a list of words you can play with those letters.

This is pretty serious cheating, considering that a big part of the challenge of Scrabble is coming up with high-scoring words and combinations all on your own. But I support this form of cheating because online Scrabble games are hardly the real thing as it is. Putting the game online, hiding players from each other’s sight, encourages cheating because there’s no accountability.

  • iPhone Apps for Scrabble Cheating

Since you’re probably playing Scrabble on your iPhone anyway, check out some of these iPhone apps that can help you cheat and beat your friends at Scrabble games.

Crosstips – Invented to help people solve crossword puzzles, Crosstips can be used to cheat at iPhone Scrabble too. The app asks you how many letters your word is and what letters should be in what positions. Then it lists all kinds of words that meet that description. Now, the words Crosstips spits out aren’t all legal Scrabble words, so you’ll still have some work to do.Use the Internet to Cheat at Scrabble

CheckWord – This is a Scrabble cheating app that’s designed with Scrabble in mind. It lets you check words that people are trying to play in Scrabble against the legal Scrabble dictionary and can even spit out a list of words based on your rack.

Chambers Word Wizard – Similar to CheckWord, this app comes directly from Chambers, a publisher of a legal Scrabble words list.

Cheating at Scrabble isn’t the most moral decision you’ll ever make, but if your Scrabble championship is on the line, getting a little extra help using these Internet tricks may be the only way to protect your Scrabble reputation.


Author – Will Roby writes for Scrabble Pages, where Scrabble is discussed, picked apart, and celebrated. Will writes mainly about Scrabble but also about other word games.

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