Various Ways Google+ Will Improve Your Non-Profit Organization

If you run a non-profit organization, you know how important it is to communicate with your members and sponsors. Google+ is a great social network that can actually help you meet your communication needs for your organization. You will be able to “hangout” with people that you need to, talk with only certain groups of people at any given time, and communicate from all over the globe. Now what do I mean by hangout?

Various Ways Google+ Will Improve Your Non-Profit Organization

A big feature of Google+ is the hangout feature. You will be able to “hangout” with people from your circles. You will be able to have a high-definition video chat session with people from any circle on your circle list. This a great tool for talking to your board members, volunteers, employees, or anyone else you need to talk to. Let’s say you need to talk to your volunteer coordinators, and you can’t all come to one place for a meeting. You can invite your volunteers to have take part in a hangout on Google+.

Do you have information that you need to share with your volunteers, but not your sponsors? This can easily be addressed when you use Google+. With Google+, you can select what circles your status updates are shared with. With no limit on the amount of characters your status can be, this can be a great way to share information with anyone you need to.

The circles help control what information you share with your followers. You could share your quarterly-report with your sponsors on your page and then share your upcoming events with your sponsors and volunteers. With Google+, you’re in complete control of what people see on your non-profit’s page.

There might be a great bonus of using Google+ in the form of more traffic to your non-profit’s website. This is because Google+ posts will actually show up in Google search results. If your page becomes popular, there will definitely be an increase in traffic to your website. Google is always improving Google+, and they are planning something special for businesses. Google is well-known for their support of non-profit organizations. If you do choose to use Google+, you will be using a product that will do nothing but improve your organization’s communication.

  1. Google+ may be the product that could help with your organization’s communication between everyone.
  2. You can have a hangout with your sponsors, volunteers, or just anyone in general without even leaving your office.
  3. You can also share your posts with only your sponsors or volunteers.
  4. Maybe you want to share a piece of news with everyone and just post it on your status wall.
  5. You will notice a great outcome when it comes to traffic due to Google displaying Google+ results in the search engine results page.
  6. Google+ will definitely help your organization become more organized and communicating without any trouble at all.

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