4 Amazing VLC Media PLayer Tips & Tricks

VLC media player is probably the best media player in terms of supported video formats and available set of functionalities. There are a lot of cool things that we can do with VLC player. Do you know that it allows you to record and convert media files from one format to another, take snapshots, stream online content, and also lets you broadcast media online. Have a look …

How to Take Snapshots with VLC Media Player

You can take multiple snapshots of the Video being played. For this, click ‘View’ on menu bar and select ‘Advanced Controls’.


On doing so a new set of controls will become visible on the screen. (Highlighted in red in Screen Shot above). Now, play the video as usual and at any instance you feel like capturing the shot, just click on the small camera icon button. Simple!

The adjacent red button on advanced bar can be utilized to record the section of video. Click once to initiate recording from current point. The captured images and videos can be easily obtained under My Documents Folder.

Streaming Online Media

You can also stream online media on VLC media player. The procedure is extremely simple. For example, you desire to play a video from YouTube then copy the URL of the webpage and click on file menu followed by a click on ‘Open Location From Clipboard’. Yep! Nothing extra required.

This video will play like any other video file provided you have enough bandwidth to support playback. The interesting part is that the recording options mentioned above worked without any issue.

Media Conversion:

VLC Media Player offers you numerous ways to convert files from one format to another. To my wonder, why people waste so much time and efforts looking for a video-converter when they already have VLC installed on their PC. Just see how simple it is:

  • Open file menu and select “Convert/ Save”.


  • Then add the media to be converted and click on ‘Convert / Save’ button. You can now set quality attributes under settings.
  • Next, click on browse button to specifying the name and destination for converted file.


  • Next, click on save button and wait a while till processing completes.

Streaming Online with VLC Media Player Tips

You can easily stream files, CDs, DVDs, Webcam, and digital TV. Click on ‘Stream’ option available under file menu.


Next, you require selecting the destination. The destination drop down has multiple options and rest of the procedure will vary as per selection made by you. I must make it clear that this is about technical process and it will be nice to refer the official documentation for further instructions.

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  1. Helo Saurabh, I have been using VLC for so long and its my fav player. Have never tried to go into its advance features. Great tips on it and I would surely love to explore more of it now.

  2. VLC Media Player is really a nice Player. It also has such beautiful features as you mentioned above. But i heave from someone that ‘Dell’ or other computer manufacturer’s don’t recommend using VLC as they say using VLC Media player can harm your speakers. Do you know anything about it?
    Your article was nice.
    Thanks and Regards.

  3. I am using VLC player for long time too, but it have some problems too.

    It reduces the video quality and if you increase the volume to full it disturbs speakers performance.

    How ever I don’t know regarding these tips you mentioned.

  4. I used to use a VLC player back in the day. But haven’t in awhile. I guess I need to check it back out
    I have other reasons for using it these days.

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