Want To Ask President Obama A Question, the President Answer Your Question Live

If you have a valid question you want Mr. President to answer or you have a question you only want Mr. President to answer like in the movie “My Name Is Khan” Shahrukh Khan wanted to meet President of America to find answer of his question, but here you don’t want to search Mr. President, you just need to record your video and submit on YouTube. Later, President Barack Obama will answer your question Live on YouTube.

193,061 people have submitted 139,660 questions and cast 1,379,773 votes.
On Tuesday January 25, President Obama delivered his 2011 State of the Union Address. People have submitted almost 140,000 questions for the President, who will answer a selection of the most popular in an exclusive YouTube Interview that takes place on Thursday January 27.
Health care, Education, Foreign policy. What would you like to ask the President about the most important issues our country faces? Go to http://youtube.com/askobama to submit your question.

Read This before Submitting Your Question
1) Video questions are highly preferred. Videos should be about 20 seconds long and be sure to ask the question directly.
2) Speak clearly and try to film in a place with minimal background noise. Keep the camera as still as possible.
3) Feel free to be creative (use props, charts, etc.) to help your question stand out. If you have time, find an interesting backdrop that may help reinforce your message.
4) Submit your question early. You have until Wednesday January 26 at midnight ET to submit your question.
Watch President Obama answer your questions here on Thursday at 2:30PM EST.

Campaign Video

Update: Right now they are no longer accepting new questions or votes. But, we are hoping they will accept more questions and votes after clearing these questions.

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  1. Never knew a ordinary men can contact President of America, Thanks YouTube and a big thank to you for sharing this to us.

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